Public Sector

In South Africa & KZN , the Public Sector includes State Owned Entities (SOEs), Municipalities, National Government, Provincial Governments

Vision Statement

To provide creative and innovative leadership towards:

  •  Facilitating integrated economic planning and growth

  •  Being a catalyst for economic transformation job creation and sustainable development

  •  Implementing strategies that drive economic growth and promote sound environmental management and climate resilience

  •  Creating a conducive environment for trade, investment and tourism

  •  Developing, monitoring and enforcing a sound business, environmental and consumer protection framework

  • KwaZulu-Natal is divided into one metropolitan municipality (eThekwini Metropolitan Municipality) and 10 district municipalities, which are further subdivided into 43 local municipalities.

  • List of District Municipalities 


  • The government's strong role in shaping the economy was especially evident in the large number of parastatals, or state corporations.

  • Its primary goal was to strengthen import-substitution industries.

  • In addition, many state corporations also founded subsidiary companies in partnership with private firms.