ANNEME COETZEE, after qualifying as a Neuro Linguistics Practitioner in 2010, took the bull by the horns opened her own consultancy - True Awakenings - and started coaching immediately.

She started small, but nine years down the line, Anneme is one of the most sought after NLP trainers in South Africa - and has a successful international footprint as a trainer and coach. She says that if it hadn't been for the opportunities that opened for her through networking and from her sheer determination to make a difference in people's lives, she wouldn't be in the position that she is in today.

Anneme who is based in Durban North, recently opened a second business, Accelerated Business Excellence that deals specifically with corporates. She is passionate about helping people to understand themselves so that they can understand how to work with others.

How does she do this? "By providing support to enhance the skills, resources and creativity that my clients already have - and challenge assumptions and thoughts that are blocking or disabling them from moving forward," she says.

Her skills and expertise have enabled Anneme to operate as a trusted mentor and coach to senior executives, entrepreneurs, consultants, supervisors and managers in the private and public sector. "I live, eat and breath what I teach and love making a difference to individuals and organisations."

She began her career in the financial sector in 1998 and within two years, was entrusted with managing blue-chip clients and overseeing multimillion rand accounts in Gauteng. As a respected relationship manager at Imperial Bank, she worked with high-level decision makers and stakeholders. This exposure and experience has positioned her as a credible and well-informed professional coach. Neuro Linguistics has become a popular business tool over the years, having been created in 1975 by Richard Bandler and John Grindler.

Comments Anneme, "The most important thing to remember with regards to NLP is that our words don't describe the world we live in but rather they DETERMINE the world we live in. We combine the power of language and utilise it to communicate effectively not only internally toward ourselves, in order to create the results we desire in life, but fundamentally outside towards the people we interact with on a day to day basis. This empowers us to start achieving our desired outcomes and results in a functionally successful, sustainable and mutually ethical way.

Anneme has successfully completed ± 550 "personal breakthroughs" with clients over the last seven years, each averaging around 12-15 hours per individual. She has also accredited over 60 new NLP Practitioners in the last two years.

Part of her training involves time line therapy. Says Anneme, "Each person has a "model of the world" which means, based on our own experiences of life and our personal conditioning, we represent the world in a certain way. More often than not we have beliefs that can limit or drastically slow down our progress. A Time Line Therapy Practitioner has the skills that eliminate the effects of unresolved negative emotions and limiting beliefs that stop us from achieving our results. For example, if you believe that you are not capable, or not good enough; this will affect your ability to act and behave as perhaps needed when working toward making changes to go forward. The practitioner will assist their clients in removing those old conditioned beliefs and upgrade the belief system in order to achieve the goals and outcomes desired."

True Awakenings