Standard Bank KZN Top Business Awards 2021

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Part 2


All entrants to answer question one. Submission should not exceed 1000 words. (If you wish to submit an entry in more than one category please add your motivation. A separate entry form is not necessary)

1. Explain why you believe you or your company/organisation should win a Standard Bank KwaZulu-Natal Top Business Award. You must be able to show that your company contributes to the KZN economy and has a proactive business model that adheres to the principles of King IV.  You must aspire to achieve four governance outcomes:

  • Ethical culture: Explain how the governing body/management and the wider organisation are being equipped and are on track to deliver on the goal of having an ethical culture being a responsible corporate citizen.

  • Good performance and value creation: Please provide the latest annual report if applicable or give an overview of the organisation’s financial reporting systems and general performance in the marketplace.

  • Adequate and effective control: Explain the management/ governing body structure

  • Trust, good reputation, legitimacy: Explain how the company communicates and interacts with all its stakeholders – internally and externally?  


2. Please provide evidence/ explain why you should win the award in the category selected. Please use the category description to motivate your answer. As a guideline:

1. Explain why you have entered the category

2. What evidence do you have for your success/impact? (Project completion/ financial  success/report etc

3. How has Covid -19 shaped your response/ success?

Submissions should not exceed 800 words.

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