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Blue Security CEO Henk van Bemmelen attributes the company’s success to strong relationships with communities that value its transparency, extensive experience, specialist support services, and ongoing investment in resources and world-class technology to fight crime.



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Henk van Bemmelen

Providing Next Generation Solutions

Established in 1989, Blue Security is an award-winning, progressive, local business that has grown from providing electronic intruder detection and armed response services, to hyper localised community support and crime prevention programmes. This journey has led to Blue Security becoming the largest independent security company in South Africa, purpose-driven to create safer communities where local people can thrive. With core values such as care, ownership, passion and service, this is a brand actioning the ethos of always going the extra mile, of being proactive in the prevention of crime, and of remaining at the sharp end of the sword with cutting edge technology, for smarter, safer living.

As a result of its dedication to proactive policing and crime prevention, Blue Security has been repeatedly recognised as a trailblazer in the security sector, independently voted as the undisputed leader in the field in the province for 12 years in a row, scooping the Diamond Arrow Awards at the prestigious PMR Awards; clinching the Standard Bank KZN Top Business Award for the services sector in 2018, and ranking second in the Top Brand category in 2019. The firm has also consistently been voted as one of the security companies doing the most to fight crime in the province in the PMR Awards.

Blue Security CEO Henk van Bemmelen attributes the company’s success to strong relationships with communities that value its transparency, extensive experience, specialist support services, and ongoing investment in resources and world-class technology to fight crime.

“We have moved beyond simply providing an armed response service to focus on driving a more proactive community policing and partnering strategy. This offers our clients real solutions that minimise preventable crime. Further to our Armed Response Officers and Control Centre for designated areas, we have created a Community Crime Prevention Unit (CCPU) led by highly trained ambassadors and tactical officers, supported by a Community Command Centre (CCC). These operatives network with neighbourhood watch groups, emergency first responders, SAPS, Metro Police, and dedicated paramedics for a holistic, intelligence-based approach to fighting crime. They are enabled by advanced technology such as automated number plate recognition cameras (ANPR),” he said.

Van Bemmelen said, “The centralised integration of all services allows for the speedy aggregation, processing, and dissemination of relevant information to our specialist teams and first responder networks in the event of emergencies. Accurate and vetted information significantly closes the gap to apprehension and further supports our crime prevention strategy. Our teamwork with these trusted partners has driven back crime in our neighbourhoods as criminals are removed from our streets,” he said.

To achieve this strong buffer against crime in a neighbourhood, Blue Security employs its Blue Zone strategy which comprises tailored offerings around the geographical footprint of an area, the type of crime affecting the area, and alignment to the residents’ strategic requirements.

Blue Security is invested in real-time data collection and alerts via the use of artificial intelligence and data analytics. In our “Virtual Estates” we provide next generation solutions to residents living in non-gated estates.

The company deploys automated number plate recognition cameras which are linked to the SAPS database into neighbourhoods it protects, allowing criminally linked vehicle movement to be monitored. Vehicles that have been flagged on the database as stolen or for suspected involvement in criminal activity, can be monitored, verified with SAPS and assessed for further unusual behaviour.

“We have together with the police and neighbourhood watch groups recovered many stolen vehicles through this high-tech camera network which is linked to the police database, and we have also been able to monitor the movement of suspicious vehicles to profile possible criminals and prevent crime,” van Bemmelen said.

Van Bemmelen said the company was continually investing in resources such as vehicles and armed response officers – the firm has the largest fleet of armed response vehicles in Durban – and in new technologies. These technologies include cutting edge CCTV cameras which enable homeowners to monitor what is happening in their homes at any time and when an alarm is activated. Cameras may also be linked to the control centre to ensure video monitoring if requested.

The Blue Security Mobile App allows instant notifications of any activity on an alarm system and pinpoints the user’s precise location the moment the panic button is activated in an emergency. Blue Security’s control centre receives the signal and connects with the user before sending the appropriate emergency reaction, from armed response officers to ambulance services, the SAPS, and roadside assistance services.

“We are also actively involved on a variety of channels including social media and WhatsApp groups to keep communication with clients, neighbourhood watches and communities current,” Van Bemmelen said. “We are committed to remaining ahead of the security game and to being a step ahead of criminals, which means continuing to grow our strong partnerships with the police and neighbourhood watch teams and to harnessing technology to serve and protect our communities to the best of our ability,” he said.

Full Name of Company: Blue Light Monitoring and Armed Response
Category: Business Services
Services: Alarm monitoring, armed response, security products installation and repairs
Date Established: 1989
No. of Employees: 600 approx.
Auditors / Accountants: Mazars
Bankers: Standard Bank
Advertising / PRO Agency: In house marketing team

CEO: Henk van Bemmelen
Financial Director: Warren Kidgell
Technical Director: Clive Samuels
Operations Director: Brian Jackson
Sales Director: Stuart Gannon
Customer & Innovations Director: Stephen Wimborne
Human Resources Manager: Yvonne Mudly
Marketing Manager: Yvette Govender
IT Manager: Shane Moodley

Physical Address: 48 Kings Road, Pinetown, 3610
Tel: +27 (0)31 717 5000

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