Never in the history of our time, have entrepreneurial and innovative initiatives been as critically important as they are today. Global challenges for entrepreneurs, engineers and scientists are to guide positive change to environmental and social aspects of our living.


Creating Sustainable Businesses

BusinessFit continues to strive towards supporting and encouraging the growth and development of entrepreneurs and SMEs in the South African economy. Now in its eight year since inception, BusinessFit has become a commanding force in this space. The association is as passionate as ever to meet its mandate of helping create employment through ensuring the success and sustainability of more businesses in the economy. BusinessFit’s approach to support this outcome is through providing leadership training and confidence building, supporting development of functional area foundations, and energising teams through engagement methodologies.

Never in the history of our time, have entrepreneurial and innovative initiatives been as critically important as they are today. Global challenges for entrepreneurs, engineers and scientists are to guide positive change to environmental and social aspects of our living.

As consumers we are purchasing products and services that are not energy efficient, and in fact are the result, in many instances of Co2 emissions being pumped into the atmosphere, and waste and pollution being poured into our rivers and seas. The social divide between the haves and the have not’s is also stretching wider and wider, with the result being just a few owning the worlds riches. The balance of the population being left to fend for themselves with limited access to training, the economy, and opportunities to raise funding.

Business leaders today are required to ensure that they create sustainable businesses, that meet the expectations of all stakeholders involved. This higher level of sophistication in business leadership has created the demand for business coaches and mentors to share their wisdom, and to support the creating of organisational foundations, processes and networks that result in successful business initiatives and employment creation.

BusinessFit is a leading entrepreneur and SMEs business development organisation, with an intention to ensure more successful and sustainable organisations. We recognise that entrepreneurs very often have great business ideas, but seldom take these ideas to market and reap ultimate financial reward. Our methodology is to help entrepreneurs create robust foundations for their businesses and to ensure a clear and effective route to market.

To support this mission, we have created the BusinessFit B2B Services App. The App contains a 5 Star Quality Assurance process, and focuses on helping business leaders to create an online presence, but more importantly to take entrepreneurs and business leaders through a process where each aspect of their business and route to market is discussed to ensure effectiveness. Also, that they comply with standard business practices, ethics, and meet governance expectations.

Many entrepreneurs and business leaders get caught up in the administration and paperwork of their businesses, and in so doing, lose their focus on business imperatives. Our work is to help entrepreneurs and business leaders identify core activities and critical success factors within their organisations, so as to help them build quality assurance standards and standard operating procedures that help the organisation meet stakeholder expectations.

We are “Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs”. It is our belief that a business mentor or coach is more effective if able to reflect on their own experiences, and to share knowledge gained from similar circumstances. It is therefore critical in our view that mentors and coaches have had experience in running their own businesses, and taking responsibility for ensuring that resultant administration, reporting, and compliance responsibilities are met.

Further to the leadership development, functional foundation support, and quality assurance processes we provide to entrepreneurs and business leaders, we have recognised that SMEs require introductions into networks and new markets. For this reason, we opted to work closely with the Durban Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI) whose over-riding thrust for 2020 and 2021 is to encourage more and new opportunities for SMEs in the economy. Also, we are part of the South African Chamber of Commerce (SACC) in London where our purpose is to help identify international markets for South African businesses to trade within a constructive and organised manner.

The BusinessFit App and quality assurance process helps entrepreneurs and business leaders grow confidence in their ability to make wise decisions, and to build engaged work environments, where each person in the organisation becomes a contributor to the success and sustainability of the business. It is essential to grow business leader confidence in the work organisations produce, and in the relationships they forge with clients, funders, and stakeholders.

Businesses do require solid functional area foundations to ensure compliance and efficiency of administrative processes but, it is critical that they do not lose sight of the fact that it is the people in the organisation, through their purpose and commitment, that are essential in ensuring that the organisation’s mission, vision and goals are met.

We at BusinessFit are positive that the tools we have created will help entrepreneurs and business leaders develop organisations that meet the criteria required as good corporate citizens; as well as build confidence in leadership and team dynamics. We believe South Africa, due to its social and economic circumstances and pioneering spirit, is well suited for an entrepreneurial surge, and to become identifiable as a country with enormous potential…taking its rightful place as the “Entrepreneurial Capital of the World”.

Full Name of Association: BusinessFit
Nature of Business: Practical support for established entrepreneurs
Date Established: 2012
No. of Staff: 40
B-BBEE Status Level: 2

Chairman: David White
CEO: Akhona Mahlati
Director: Bruce Lennon
Administration Manager: Lindiwe Bhadi

Physical Address: Unit 12 Braehead Office Park, 1 Old Main Road, Kloof, 3610
Tel: +27 (0)31 767 0625 Fax: +27 (0)31 767 3280

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