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The inspiration to recreate DRG Siyaya as a human resource franchise facilitator came from a growing awareness of many smaller human resource companies, operated by highly competent individuals



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David White and Lindiwe Bhadi

Human Resource Services

DRG Siyaya is a black female owned human resource management organisation, with an exciting future. Registered in 2006, as a SANAS accredited B-BBEE verification agency – amongst the first eleven to receive such accreditation, the company has been built upon a comprehensive and rigorous quality assurance process.

After seven years as a B-BBEE verification agency, the owners, in the belief that stakeholder interests would be better served by a different model, took the strategic decision to develop DRG Siyaya as the country’s first human resource (HR) advisory franchise operation.

Confidence in doing this was inspired by two factors:
• As a member of the DRG Group of companies DRG Siyaya had access to a wealth of practical knowledge and expertise, and a proven administrative resource
• CEO David White; drawing upon his eight-year career with the Shell SA retail team building a network of franchise outlets with special emphasis on emerging service station operators.

The inspiration to recreate DRG Siyaya as a human resource franchise facilitator came from a growing awareness of many smaller human resource companies, operated by highly competent individuals, hampered by not having the stretch in products and services to realise their full potential. This restriction was due to their operating within a limited niche areas of human resource management e.g., recruitment, training or, employee relations.

DRG Siyaya’s model encourages human resource companies to consider the benefits of being part of predominantly larger group of human resource practitioners in sourcing knowledge, expertise, branding, administrative support, and opportunities to deliver their unique expertise within the DRG network.

DRG Siyaya has developed a significant clientele base, amongst mainly small, medium, and entrepreneurial enterprises. This clientele base differentiates DRG Siyaya from its sister company, DRG Outsourcing, and positions the organisation to contribute to the success and sustainability of a sector which needs to focus energy on creating income opportunities for the community.

There are many entrepreneurs running small and medium size companies that simply have not capitalised upon the value that their staff, their human capital asset, can bring to support the growth and sustainability of their businesses. Business leaders in smaller organisations tend to be, especially under current circumstances, caught up in survival activities on the one hand and administrative paperwork on the other.

DRG Siyaya aims, through our franchisees, to expand efficient and effective human resource management services in helping entrepreneurs and business leaders introduce best practice into their operations to grow their businesses into sustainable organisations.

DRG Siyaya is also positioned to provide access to a behavioural assessment tool to assist business leaders in developing an effective leadership style and cohesive teams. The PDA International behavioural assessment tool provides access to the PDA profiling methodology, which helps business leaders and teams improve understandings of each other, increase energy flows, and grow organisational effectiveness and sustainable productivity.

Further, DRG Siyaya offers DRG Online, an HR app helping companies to coordinate HR transactions with team members. This app provides employees with ‘HR on their phone’, and helps companies coordinate all leave types as a core activity. The app is a place where employers can post payslips, IRP5s, contracts of employment, job descriptions, policy manuals, etc., and a tool for staff to upload sick notes and expense claims, update personal and banking details, as well as record time sheet details.

DRG Siyaya offers a full portfolio of resources and skills to assist companies in creating productive, engaged, compliant and sustainable businesses. These include foundational support such as developing contracts of employment, job descriptions, policy manuals, induction communications, and supporting employer statutory activities and returns. Other support includes payroll management and third-party payments, employment equity reports, workplace skills plans, annual training records, etc.

DRG Siyaya’s core product provides companies with fully compliant HR practices within their business, via access to best practice methodologies, supportive reporting and compliance administrative activities; in two different ways: either operating on their own registrations or, through a professional employer organisation (PEO) service on DRG Siyaya registrations. Both solutions provide companies with peace of mind that their organisations are compliant in labour law, social security, and employee taxation perspectives. Typically, companies adopt DRG Siyaya’s PEO service for instant compliance, enabling immediate income generating operations; then moving onto their own registrations later.

DRG Siyaya aims to grow its franchise network widely within South Africa in support of the growth and development of our country’s SME sector.

Full Name of Company: DRG Siyaya (Pty) Ltd
Nature of Business: Professional HR services and technology support company
Date Established: 2006
B-BBEE Status: Level 2 Contributor (Black Female Owned)

Building Better Businesses for a Better Economy

Chief Executive Officer: David White
Administration and Payroll: Lindiwe Bhadi
HR Strategy: Futhi Mbanjwa
Onboarding: Youshi Naidoo
HR Compliance: Nikita Pillay
DRG Online: Lindiwe Bhadi and Nikita Pillay
HR Administration: Stephanie Munsamy
PDA Behavioural Consultant: Nikita Pillay

Physical Address: 12 Braehead Office Park, 1 Old Main Road, Kloof, 3610 KwaZulu-Natal
Tel: +27 (0)31 767 0625

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