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LabourNet provides holistic solutions to our clients that not only assist them in managing and mitigating all labour-related risks but provide solutions and services which give them a competitive edge in becoming employers of choice for the best talent



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Brendan Sayers and Ruben de Koning

Management’s ultimate HR solution

Employers today are facing the dual challenge of maximising the return on their Human Capital on the one hand, while managing the huge legal and administrative responsibilities that the various labour related acts, codes, charters and other legislation place on them.

As your compliance partner, LabourNet provides holistic solutions to our clients that not only assist them in managing and mitigating all labour-related risks but provide solutions and services which give them a competitive edge in becoming employers of choice for the best talent.

Having a national infrastructure and professionally qualified staff with unsurpassed experience, LabourNet provides businesses with a complete range of Human Capital Solutions through any of our flexible and cost-effective packages.

Why choose LabourNet as your Compliance Partner?
LabourNet is a professional services company that harnesses its client-centric culture and human resources (HR) compliance expertise, to deliver simple, cost effective solutions to our clients that solve their HR compliance problems and support their business goals, as part of a long-term partnership within South Africa. Our core value is to always think how best to solve our clients’ problems as if they were our own, combined with our All-in-One strategy makes us the only partner you can rely on to help you with all your HR compliance needs.

As your strategic compliance partner, we ensure your business is compliant for the entirety of the employee life cycle leaving you with one supplier who does it all!

Industrial Relations (IR)
As your specialist IR partner, LabourNet recognises that every business is different and is therefore dedicated to providing you with the right solution and dedicated resources to match your exact business needs.

LabourNet assists clients to face the ever-increasing risk of litigation within their business by analysing disputes and identifying strategies that prevent them from escalating or resulting in unnecessary settlements which create a negative precedent. Our expert consultants provide professional legal advice, training and preparation for conciliations and arbitration, as well as access to a preferred panel of qualified attorneys.

Payroll & Human Resources Information System
LabourNet can assist any business in running their payroll, whether fully outsourced to LabourNet or supported by skilled payroll consultants. Powered by our own PSIberWORKS software, a truly unique online payroll and human resource management innovation.

B-BBEE, Employment Equity and Skills Development
Transformation is achieved through effective skills development processes, Employment Equity and Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) initiatives and is a critical tool for driving meaningful and sustainable growth in your organisation.

Health & Safety
LabourNet facilitates the management of health and safety in the workplace for both employers and employees alike. Our range of professional and quality services include implementing a comprehensive Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS), identifying hazards, risk assessment, accident/incident investigation and compliance with regulations.

As your training manager, Labour Net’s HR training and development programmes offer integrated solutions that encompasses all facets of people management. We are also able to position your training expenditure with individuals who implement best practice into your organisation and manage your training holistically. This service not only streamlines your entire training development but benefits your Enterprise Development (ED) and Socio-Economic Development (SED) credit ratings.

Information Compliance - POPI, PAIA and CPA
Our comprehensive service offering will ensure we develop and implement all the relevant policies and procedures to ensure that you are POPI, PAIA and CPA compliant.

Functional Knowledge
Our people are highly trained, qualified and passionate about promoting meaningful change in companies through people by delivering the best compliance solutions.

Allocated consultants becomes an extension of your HR department, thus allowing them to provide the best compliance solution according to your unique business goals.

Problem Solving
Our competency to deliver compliance solutions to all your complex HR problems provides you with a cost-effective and consistent service over time, ensuring your HR needs are met and exceeded.

Client Knowledge
We believe in forming strong relationships with our clients in order to better understand their business goals, thus effectively providing the best compliance solutions.

Full Name of Company: LabourNet
Nature of Business Finance: Consulting / Professional Services
Services / Products: HR Consulting
Date Established: 1996
Customer Base: 5000
No. of Employees: 506
B-BBEE Status: Level 4

To be the most trusted and referred partner to employers.

Providing simple, effective and affordable solutions for employment legislative compliance.

• Professionalism: “We are proud of ourselves and of our clients; and our clients are proud of us.”
• Innovation: “We never accept the status quo; we always look for ways to do things better.”
• Client-Centricity: “We are always thinking of how best to solve our clients’ problems and we are as committed to our clients’ business as our own.”
• Passion: “I love what I do, and it shows!”

CEO: Brendan Sayers
Chief Operations Officer: Ruben de Koning
Financial Manager: Waldo van der Merwe
Regional Manager: Johan van Deventer
Sales Manager: Amelia Nelson

Physical Address: Erika House, Fairways Green Office Park, 3 Abrey Road, Kloof, 3629
Tel: +27 (0)31 266 6570

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