WhyBuyCars features short-term leasing options with a range of vehicles offered at a monthly price that includes insurance, maintenance and taxes

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The Better Way To have A Car

In a sentence, WhyBuyCars is the better way to have a car.

WhyBuyCars features short-term leasing options with a range of vehicles offered at a monthly price that includes insurance, maintenance and taxes. The idea was born from Owais Suleman – CEO of The Woodford Group (Pty) Ltd – and his experience of leasing vehicles abroad. He decided to launch a fresh and original take on the concept that was ultimately uniquely-tailored for and relevant to the South African market.

The leasing model for South Africans was based on the realities that everyday people faced when it comes to having the resourcing to purchase and use a vehicle. Even before the lockdown, credit rating and access to finance has always been a first barrier. Even if an individual has the deposit and means – which many don’t – to secure finance, there are many regulatory hurdles to overcome.

Some people may be blacklisted or under debt review, whilst others may have foreign passports. Rejection of application for finance can be as high as 40%.

Once finance is secured, South Africans are then locked into an interest-based, long-term commitment with a depreciating asset that they may not be sure they’ll utilise for a long period of time. Insurance and maintenance then add to the burgeoning cost of owning and using a vehicle.

WhyBuyCars skips ahead to the use of the vehicle, with the realisation that, regardless of the situation, South Africans still need to get around and – in the absence of a reliable, robust public transport system – simply have to have a car to use on a daily basis.

WhyBuyCars therefore offers a short-term lease of just three months or six months with a flat rate that includes insurance, maintenances and taxes. Having a car becomes accessible and more importantly, flexible in a fragile economy where people are uncertain of their future.

Most importantly, WhyBuyCars has been built on a technology-driven platform, allowing for a smooth process that can get you behind the wheel in no time at all.

You simply need to apply online, have your application approved and go in to collect your vehicle immediately thereafter.

Less than six months since launch, WhyBuyCars has already seen success in the uptake of the concept, especially during trying times for cash-strapped consumers.

WhyBuyCars therefore provides a fresh and innovative approach to using a car.

There are no frills nor fine print and the offering puts the control into the hands of the user. You can stop after three months if you find your situation doesn’t afford you the service, or you can change your vehicle every three months if you’d like to extend or change things up. You know exactly how much you’ll be paying and don’t have to factor in additional costs, such as interest or insurance.

It’s simply the better way to have a car.

The Woodford Group
WhyBuyCars is a subsidiary of the Woodford Group, a locally-based, proudly family-owned South African company that has been in the rental and leasing business for 30 years. The group boasts more than 150 accumulative years of industry experience at a management level and has invested heavily in technology aimed at making all its processes as smooth and effortless as can be. In addition, the Woodford Group ensures that there’s a personal touch to its service and has a commitment to growing Woodford’s loyal base of clientele.

Woodford aims to provide innovation, value, and service excellence to its public, private and commercial customers by offering the widest range of vehicles at competitive rates.

Woodford has more than 2000 vehicles in its fleet and employs 400 people across the country.

Woodford Car Hire is South Africa’s largest independent car rental company, with a national footprint at all major airports and centres and a fleet of over 1600 vehicles across three core divisions. It is the highest-rated and most trusted car rental agency according to TrustPilot and HelloPeter.

Woodford Car Hire is BEE compliant and has strong relationships with the tourism industry, government divisions and the Airports Company of South Africa (ACSA).

Full Name of Company: WhyBuyCars (Pty) Ltd
Date Established: 2020
Customer Base: Public, Private, Commercial,
B-BBEE Status: Level 2

Woodford Car Hire’s vision is to realise its full potential of being the largest independent car hire company in South Africa, build on the lessons learned in becoming that, and serving as a viable and serious competitor to the four largest rental companies in the country.

CEO: Mr Essa Suleman
Managing Director: Mr M.O. Suleman

Physical Address: 14 Overport Drive, Durban, 4000
Postal Address: P.O. Box 41596, Rossburgh, Durban, 4072
Tel: +27(0)31 207 8669
Fax: +27 (0)31 207 8665

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