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Wozani Berg Gasoline


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Berg Gasoline was founded by James and Michelle Gregory in Creighton, KwaZulu-Natal in 1996. Initially, the company was contracted by Engen to distribute petroleum and petroleum products across the southern KwaZulu-Natal region



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James Gregory

Fuel Distribution Made Easy Thanks To Our Countrywide Logistic Network

Wozani Berg Gasoline (Pty) Ltd is a national fuel sales and distribution company which prides itself on the ability to deliver.

Berg Gasoline was founded by James and Michelle Gregory in Creighton, KwaZulu-Natal in 1996. Initially, the company was contracted by Engen to distribute petroleum and petroleum products across the southern KwaZulu-Natal region.

After an empowerment process Wozani Berg Gasoline (WBG) was created in 2002.

The company's reach has now grown, and the WBG brand has been positioned across South Africa.

The company now boasts modern infrastructure including offices, workshops and parking facilities in Durban and Gauteng. With more than 123 liquid and break-bulk truck tankers, tractors and flat deck trailers, WBG is one of the leading transporters in the liquid bulk industry.

The company services the needs of South African clients, and operates cross-border to Eswatini (Swaziland), Maputo, Lesotho, Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe.

WBG has a highly skilled team of managers who are dedicated to the running of the diverse sectors of the company. Their experience in the industry allows for efficient project task management and keeps the company in check at every step of the process.
The company prides itself on its relationships with all its suppliers, staff and customers. In addition, BEE strategies have encouraged better relationships with suppliers that are BEE compliant.

Guided by the principles of integrity, accountability and commitment, WBG has established a sound reputation for reliable service and have an unblemished labour relation track record. Passionate, responsible and innovative, the 200+ employees are the building blocks of the company's future.

Safety Procedures
The fuel distribution industry has several rules, regulations, and safety procedures that ensure the safety of all members of staff. WBG is compliant will all these safety measures and insists that each member of the staff follows these rules 24/7.

Wozani Berg Gasoline (WBG) believes in integrity, accountability and commitment. These are pillars which motivate their customers to do business with the company. They know that WBG is reliable; they will not drop clients simply because they have attained new business and are going to take responsibility for all their actions.

Controls ensure that the Group's activities are environmentally friendly. Management systems and company rules minimise any negative effect of the operations on the environment. The management system demonstrates corporate responsibility towards the critical issues of occupational safety, health and environmental management. All SHEQ related issues are part of management responsibilities in all business units - from service procurement to distribution, storage, usage and disposal.

Social Responsibility
Various non-profit organizations are supported either financially or by sharing the Group's knowledge to build mutually beneficial relationships and ensure a better tomorrow and a stable market place.

WBG sponsors sporting events such as Creighton Bike Mania and the Paddock Motorbike Fun Day.

The Future
In the future, WBG hopes to be the primary distributor of fuel and gas in South Africa and the other southern African states. The company wishes to continue to provide its employees with the best working provisions to perform their jobs safely and of course, provide the best return on investment possible for investors.

WBG will achieve this by staying current and utilising all new and innovative technologies to improve the industry of which they are a part. In addition, they will optimise the services provided by adding more to the value-added benefits of being with WBG.

Head Client Coverage, Business Clients, KZN: Hameed Noormahomed

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