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The winning project will reflect the importance of teamwork and effective inter-agency collaboration.

KZN Top Brand

The top homegrown brand in KwaZulu-Natal is awarded based only on the results of a public poll. In 2022 these results will be managed through a SMS voting system

Community Upliftment and Improvement

This award is open to businesses or social enterprises that have made a significant positive impact on the community and region they operate in. This could include: charitable efforts, or developing your local community. The motivation should be to make KZN a better place to live and work.

Franchising Sector

A business that is owned by one or more people who provide products or services under the branding and rules stipulated by a parent company.

Business, Financial and Educational Sector

This sector includes insurance and pension funding; legal; accounting; education and general
business activities.

Employee Wellness

This award is for businesses that go the extra mile to engage their staff members and what difference this makes to the business. This may be through in-house training, flexible working, personal development, workplace wellbeing activity and teambuilding.

Agricultural and Agro-Processing Sector

Incorporates establishments and activities that are primarily engaged in farming activities, but also includes establishments focusing on commercial hunting and game propagation and forestry, logging and fishing. The beneficiation of primary materials and intermediate goods from agricultural, fisheries and forestry-based sectors is included.

Transport/Logistics Sector

Transport as an economic sector refers to activities concerned with land transport, railway transport, water transport, and transport via pipelines, air transport, and activities of travel agencies, post and telecommunications, courier activities, as well as storage and warehousing activities

Business Personality of the Year

The Standard Bank KZN Top Business Leader’s award is an honorary award given to a businessperson who has demonstrated exemplary business achievement, industry influence and is a true inspiration to others.

Renewable Efficiency – Green initiatives

This category includes renewable energy, low-carbon transport, energy-efficient buildings, clean technologies, improved waste management, improved freshwater provision, etc.

Family-Owned/Managed Businesses

Open to businesses where the majority ownership/management remains within a family (or multi-family) structure, and where more than one generation contributes to the success of the business. Businesses entering this award will need to specify the current family members leading the business and their roles Judges will want to know why you’re a stand-out family business and how being a family business has helped you to succeed.

Manufacturing Sector

Broadly defined as the physical or chemical transformation of materials or compounds into new products.


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