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About the Rajen Reddy Foundation Logo

In consultation with Mrs Esay Reddy, Executive Chair of the RR Foundation, each element of the logo has been carefully selected and designed to encompass everything that the late Mr Rajen Reddy stood for.

Firstly, the lotus flower as a whole has been selected as the RR Foundation’s symbol. The lotus flower has much significance in many cultures and is considered one of the most sacred plants in the world.

Why is this flower considered to be special?

The lotus plant is perennial and aquatic, flourishing in nutrient-rich and murky conditions. Growing across India, east Africa, southeast Asia, and Australia, this plant has a daily life cycle that is unlike other plants. The lotus plant’s roots are anchored in mud, each night the flower closes up and submerges into the water and re-blooms the next morning. Thanks to a protective outer coating that repels dirt and water, the flower is always sparklingly clean.

Because the lotus flower emerges from the mud without any stains, they are often considered as a symbol of purity. Since they return to the murky water each night and open their blooms each morning, lotus flowers are also symbols of strength, resilience, and rebirth. These characteristics are all important values to the RR Foundation.

“When we look at the logo, we look at the lotus flower, which represents Mr Rajen Reddy himself,” explained Nadim Aziz, CEO RR Reddy Foundation. He added, “Through the storm and rain and out of adversity something new and something great is always born again.”

The five larger petals within the logo each represents one of the five objectives of the RR Foundation. The objectives (which are now six are) are:

  1. To make specific meaningful and purposeful contributions to the historic task of transitional justice from apartheid to democracy under overarching social justice.

  2. The primary focus shall be on the promotion of social cohesion through a creative programme of action.

  3. Central to the focus shall be the deracialisation of the human mind in the context of diversity in unity in line with the three aspects.

  4. Build capacity through the development of ethical leaders and effective national, regional, and international networking.

  5. Build partnerships with the South African government, foreign governments, multilateral organisations, and national and international civil societies.

  6. To operate in the sphere of public diplomacy.

When we look further into the structure of the logo, we come to the four smaller petals which represent the main companies in the RR Group, namely:

  • KZN Oils and KZN Oils Transport

  • JD Telecom

  • Ko-Lay Home of Chicken

  • Champion Health Care

  • KVK Property Development

At the base of the flower, each of the three smallest petals represents one of Mr Reddy’s three children – Venisha, Kerushin and Kreeshan.

The entire lotus flower is encompassed by a circle, which represents Mrs Esay Reddy as a motherly figure protecting the entire family. The RR Group has always had a people - first ethos so the importance of being a protector extends beyond the immediate Reddy family to embrace the RR Group employees who are also considered as having family status.

Consequently, the RR Foundation logo has a deep symbolic association connected to Mr Rajen Reddy and to the ongoing fulfilment of his dreams.


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