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Anneme Coetzee - Facilitator of the three panel-based webinars in the KZN Top Business Women

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

Anneme Coetzee is passionate about helping individuals to understand themselves so that they can achieve personal excellence. She began her career in the financial sector and within two years, was entrusted with managing blue-chip clients and overseeing multi-million rand accounts.

As a respected Relationship Manager at Imperial Bank, Anneme worked with high level decision-makers and stakeholders. This exposure and experience has positioned her as a credible and well-informed professional coach. She has always believed that the more individuals understand about themselves, the better they can understand how they work with others.

Anneme Coetzee

Anneme established the True Awakenings Coaching and Training Centre and her skills and expertise have enabled her to operate as a trusted mentor and coach to senior executives, entrepreneurs, consultants, supervisors and managers in the private and public sector. Anneme will be the facilitator of the three panel-based webinars where the participating women in the KZN Top Business Women initiative will share aspects of their stories.

The dates for these webinars are the 12, 19 and 26 October at 6pm. For more information visit


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