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Arnold Neveling now drives One Tough Animal® in Extreme SuperCars with Bobcat powered by Goscor Lift Trucks

In a thrilling development, Goscor Lift Trucks (GLT) proudly announces its continued sponsorship of racing sensation Arnold Neveling as he gears up for an exhilarating season in the 2024 Extreme SuperCars driven by Dunlop Championship. This collaboration coincides with the rebranding of GLT’s premier forklift brand now supplied under the iconic Bobcat brand. With Neveling behind the wheel of a sleek and powerful Bobcat-branded Audi R8 LMS GT3 EVO, the stage is set for an exciting season of high-octane racing across South Africa.

Arnold Neveling (33), once more representing the Stradale Motorsport team, previously showcased his talent in Goscor-branded colours during the 2023 Global Touring Cars SupaCup Championship. Throughout the season, he secured multiple podium finishes, culminating in an impressive fourth-place position in the overall championship standings. Through this partnership, Arnold played a pivotal role in transforming the GLT brand’s presence on the racetrack.

This partnership coincided with the company’s strategic corporate rebranding, injecting it with a rejuvenated and vibrant appearance that resonated the Goscor Group’s commitment to maximising customer uptime across its diverse industries. This strategic realignment was aligned with the Group’s extensive rebranding campaign in 2023.

Cecil Oates, Managing Director of GLT, reaffirms the company’s commitment to motorsport excellence: “As we venture into the new year, GLT proudly announces its continued sponsorship in the thrilling realm of car racing. We understand the immense appeal of this championship, offering an unmatched platform to amplify our brand presence.”

This year, Arnold, will be sporting the Bobcat-branded Audi R8 that is powered by Goscor Lift Trucks. “We are confident that Arnold will exemplify the spirit of ‘One Tough Animal®’ throughout the championship,” remarks Kasha Vorster, Marketing Manager for GLT.  She emphasises the alignment between Bobcat’s ethos and Arnold’s racing prowess: “Bobcat’s philosophy of empowering groundbreaking individuals perfectly resonates with our support for Arnold in the upcoming championship. Together, we embody the spirit of resilience and determination, setting new standards of excellence.  This alignment underscores GLT’s commitment to providing world-class equipment for the most demanding tasks, ensuring that ‘One Tough Animal®’ delivers the confidence and capability needed to overcome any challenge.

Arnold Neveling, a seasoned competitor with a rich racing history, brings a wealth of experience to the track. From international karting victories to podium finishes in Formula cars, Arnold’s illustrious career showcases his undeniable talent and tenacity.

As the excitement builds for the upcoming races, GLT reaffirms its unwavering support for Arnold and his pursuit of victory. “We are thrilled to stand by Arnold as he embarks on this thrilling journey. His unparalleled skills and expertise promise outstanding performances on the track, representing the essence of speed, precision, and excellence,” adds Oates.

With GLT’s continued sponsorship, Arnold is poised to leave a lasting impression on the racing world, carrying the Bobcat legacy to new heights of success.

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