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Aurik - Business growth & exit solutions for established companies

Aurik works with established business owners and their teams to accelerate revenue growth and build value.

Our approach has helped over 3000 companies achieve average annual increases in revenue of 28.9% and profit of 32.4%.

Our proven business growth system uses data, technology and expert facilitators to help you build your business into your greatest wealth generating asset.

We are not consultants, advisors or coaches, we are growth partners. We link up to 70% of our fees to performance thus aligning goals, interests and focus, to ensure we deliver a growth outcome, not hourly paid advice.

Overcome Growth Challenges:

Our work together resolves the recurring problems that impede business growth, including:

· Growth is stagnating and needs to accelerate

· Get the right people to do the right thing at the right time – and at the right price

· Increasing complexity causes chaos in the business

· Create more time to lead and spend less time doing

· Build and delegate operational responsibilities to a motivated team

We get this right by working with you to build your business into an Asset of Value™.

An Asset of Value is a business that is positioned to win in a changing world, enabled by reliable operating procedures and systems, and empowered by a purposeful team to generate consistent organic growth.

This positioning releases time for you to focus on next[1]level growth, innovation, and profitability.

The outcome is a growing, more profitable business that has a high likelihood of being sold for a premium value in the future.

How Does it Work?

Over 24 months, you and your team meet with up to 12 expert facilitators to set growth goals and work through the activities and processes to build your Asset of Value™ layer by layer to achieve the goal outcomes.

We use a smart dashboard to measure and track everything we do together. Your dashboard will power your business growth by:

· Visualising your System of Delivery

· Systemising delegation and performance management

· Measuring goal attainment

· Building a data body of evidence for your business’s value

· Forecasting scale and fundability

We work best with established businesses, with average turnovers above R15 million. We work across industries and sectors and our clients rate us based on our impact at 97.4%. Because we link our fees to your business growth, we are very careful about who we partner with and will ensure there is a fit, and that we can make an impact, before we agree to work together.


Aurik is active in KwaZulu-Natal because we see the growth mindset of mid-tier business owners in this region as a fundamental driver for change in KZN.

Time and again our interactions with established business owners show that they see opportunity where others see challenges, and their problem-solving approach is key to building industries, communities and growing the province.

We know that what we do can harness the ambition and attitude of these drivers of change to deliver on the potential that private business has, and the key that it holds for economic and social development.

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Go to where you can find our resources. There is a range of other content to inspire and support your business growth here too.

Contact details:

2 Ncondo Place, Umhlanga Ridge, Umhlanga, Durban

T: +27 (0)31 880 2244

C: +27 (0)83 797 5678


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