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BANKSETA Promoting Transformation in South Africa

BANKSETA funding recipients from left Ms Juhi Bhaan and Mr Okuhle Dlame

The Bank Sector Education and Training Authority (BANKSETA) has awarded bursaries worth millions of Rands to deserving UKZN students since 2019. Students who benefitted recently are in the School of Accounting, Economics and Finance (SAEF) at the College of Law and Management Studies under the Dean and Head of School, Professor Mabutho Sibanda.

BANKSETA promotes transformation and skills development for individuals in the banking sector which is essential for the creation of prosperity generally. The Authority donated R8,4 million towards the development of 111 SAEF postgraduate students in 2019 while this year it has awarded bursaries worth more than R3 million to SAEF and School of Education candidates.

The awards make a significant difference to the life of each recipient while also helping to uplift their families and communities. BANKSETA bursary holders thanked the Authority for its support.

Fourth-year Finance student Ms Juhi Bhaan was financially dependent on her single mother, proving to be stressful. ‘BANKSETA funding was such a relief for me and my mum – it lifted a weight off our shoulders. I am very thankful and will forever remember this support and contribution towards my education and personal development,’ she said.

Postgraduate Diploma in Accounting candidate Mr Okuhle Dlame said high travel costs had been among several challenges he faced. ‘Another huge concern for me was whether my mum would be able to pay my tuition fees in time for me to receive my final results. BANKSETA has covered all my expenses including tuition fees, transport and even data enabling me to attend online lectures. Thank you BANKSETA for improving my financial knowledge through informative webinars and for making my dream of being a Chartered Accountant a step closer to coming true.’

The cooperation and generous support provided to UKZN and its students by BANKSETA are highly appreciated.


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