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Catch Thalente Madonda live 18th Nov 6.30pm Standard Bank KZN Top Business Women 2021 Gala Dinner

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

Business Centre Manager for the Hibiscus Coast, Standard Bank KwaZulu-Natal Thalente Madonda’s current role is in the Business Banking segment, looking after both business banking as well as small enterprise clients.

Thalente has been with Standard Bank for 22 years and she has held various roles ranging from junior, middle, and now to senior management. Some of the roles she has held were branch manager, account executive, and small enterprises manager.

Speaking of her role Thalente explains, “Being in Business Banking gives me an opportunity to contribute to our economy, indirectly and directly, by assisting our entrepreneurs with their business operations...granting them facilities, short and long term, to fund the growth in their businesses.”

On the personal front, a role that she occupies as a woman is being the mother of three beautiful kids – one being a teenager. Other roles are wife, sister, daughter in law ... the list is endless.

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