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Cindy Norcott’s Upcoming business retreat: 13-14 May 2021 at Brahman Hills

Cindy Norcott will be hosting a jam-packed two-day retreat for ladies on 13 and 14 May 2021 at Brahman Hills, Natal Midlands. Accompanied by a facilitator, delegates will focus on their goals, vision boards, action plans and they will be challenged on developing new and better ways to approach life in a post Covid world.

Besides the beautiful accommodation, delicious food and back massage, there will also be time to exercise, take a long walk, enjoy the company of 20 ladies and recharge.

There will be beautiful gifts for the ladies. All Covid protocols will be observed. Everyone will have their own beautiful room.

This is a wonderful opportunity to treat yourself, or a key staff member in your team or to incentivise or reward someone who has been going the extra mile. The past year has been incredibly tough. This retreat might be exactly what you need to reset, refocus and recharge!

To Book or enquire further please contact Cindy Norcott at


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