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Cindy Norcott – Win a copy of “How Does She Do It”

Businesswoman and philanthropist, Cindy Norcott, has recently launched her second book titled: “How does she do it”.

This book follows on the success of her first book, titled, ‘How To Be Unstoppable,’ which reached best-seller status. Norcott’s latest book is a behind the scenes look at the world of a female entrepreneur trying to balance work, life, family and everything in between. She opens up about being successful but not perfect and how this is totally okay.

“I wrote this book because I have been speaking on the topics for many years now and I decided I would like to consolidate my ideas into one book. My main motivation for this book is that I believe that women in business are incredibly hard on themselves. We are always searching for that elusive balance and we often live under the belief that others have it all together. I wanted to demystify these thoughts and flatten the playing fields. Nobody has got it all together and often behind the scenes is messy and very imperfect and that is okay. I want to see women stopping being so hard on themselves,” she explained.

Norcott, has been an entrepreneur since the age of 23. She then married, became a mother, a certified business coach, and an international motivational speaker hurtling on to win more awards than she can remember. She said wanting to do more and give back, she founded The Robin Hood Foundation in 2005, which has helped thousands of people in KwaZulu-Natal and has somehow made it look easy.

Praise for How Does She Do It?

“This is the ultimate “how to” book with advice on how to run a successful business, have successful relationships and other invaluable snippets on a multitude of topics. It is all here! Cindy tells it how it is, and by being vulnerable, she allows the reader to resonate with all the ups and downs of life. You will read it over and over - on your bad days to get advice and on your good days so that you know how to celebrate!” Margaret Hirsch.

“It is one thing to motivate people with stories of success, and it is another exposing the messy stuff. In this book, Cindy shares her insight in her candid, sincere and inspiring way.” Jane Linley-Thomas Radio Personality.

“How Does She do it?” If anyone is qualified to write a book like this, it is my long-time friend and multi-award winning businesswoman, Cindy Norcott! A must-read for women wanting to reach their goals while maintaining a balanced life.” Gail Kirby CEO Galeforce Marketing.

Cindy Norcott is giving away five copies of her new book to Business Sense readers. If you would like a copy, please email with your name and contact details. These names will go into a lucky draw.

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