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I’ve been on the media front-line for decades and I’ve seen politicians make blunders, slip-ups, and mistakes. CEOs crumble under pressure, companies’ media representatives fall apart, you name it and I’ve seen it. These boo-boos often change opinions, careers, and effect a company’s reputation. I’ve seen shares crash. I could go on forever.

It’s the kind of sensationalism that the media has looked to become. It is a type of editorial tactic.

The media's job is to get "THE STORY” and that’s not always "YOUR STORY".

Have you ever wondered how some CEOs, media representatives and politicians for that matter just seem to get it so right all the time?


Well believe it or not there is a knack, a method, a skill, and it can be learnt and mastered.

The sooner you learn and master these skills in getting your message across in the most effective manner the better.

The Top Business team has two of the most knowledgeable gurus in the media industry.

Iman Rappetti, the reporter in front of the camera and Neil Raath the director behind the camera.

What a combination the reporter and the director - the most feared combination in media.

In the real world - THEY CAN MAKE YOU OR BREAK YOU

KZN Top Business Masterclass on the topic


Iman will be unpacking the importance of being prepared for media interviews and provide tips on how to get your message across in the most effective manner. Neil will be there to share his experiences with the Iman on the other side of the camera, as the director during shooting, and then fine tuning the all-important final edit that goes public. Oh and I will be there just to throw in the odd curved ball.

Iman and Neil will be presenting on our zoom platform where you can interact with these gurus and squeeze them for advice, tips, and insight on how to tame the reporter and turn those intimidating interviews into a pleasant and rewarding experience.

The masterclass will be streamed live on 20 April from 10.00 am to 11.00 am

To register here

Click here to read the incredible career paths of the two of the media giants Iman Rappetti and Neil Raath.

This is a goodie I’ll see you online

Media giants Iman Rappetti and Neil Raath.
Media giants Iman Rappetti and Neil Raath.



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