Durban Chamber Business Benefits – Denzile Reddiar & Associates

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Denzile Reddiar and Associates are experienced in Labour and Employment Law including regulatory compliance within the Petroleum, Banking, FMCG, Forensic Audit, Betting and Gaming Industries. Denzile Reddiar & Associates have a wide range of skills across different industries and departments with specialisation in Regulatory Compliance, Labour and Employment Law and Industrial Relations.

We have extensive experience in business optimisation, ensuring clients have the most relevant and compliance policies, procedures, processes and protocols to optimise their human capital for optimal performance ensuring profitability and sustainability.

We are seasoned Alternative Dispute Resolution Practitioners specialising in Negotiation, Mediation and Arbitration. Through the Durban Chamber Business Benefits programme a free one-hour consultation is offered and thereafter a discounted rate for all disciplinary issues including misconduct and poor performance management and a discount for mediation, arbitration and reviewing and drafting of policies.

T: +27 76 336 9453



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