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Updated: Feb 26

Eatfresh Holdings was remodelled during 2020 and now specialises in the following sectors:

· Canteens (corporate and/or industrial)

· Healthcare (generic, psychiatric, rehabilitation)

· Education (boarding/hostel feeding, tuckshop, aftercare meals, school lunch packs, eventing, universities, feeding schemes)

· Retirement/Old Age Homes (cooking on site – full management or pre-packed meals)

· Meal Packs (pre-packed meals for any industry)

· Trolley/Counter Service (option if a canteen is wanted but no space for a kitchen. Food supplied from our central kitchen)

· Retail Coffee Shops (specialising in markets such as hospitals, office parks, airports)

· Aviation (In-flight meal & merchandise for cargo, charter & private)

· Catering (Blue Strawberry – catering company available for private or business)

Eatfresh Holdings offers the following Durban Chamber Business Benefits:

Through the Contract Catering Division i.e. canteens, staff restaurants, health care divisions etc a 20% discount off the monthly management fee is offered.

Eatfresh stores look great to the people who eat at them, thanks to the look and feel of our brand, our food concepts and appetising displays. Attracting company employees to eat at Eatfresh restaurants is simple: we provide affordable and delicious food at subsidised prices.

To keep our prices supercompetitive, we operate on a management fee basis.

Here’s how it works:

· You pay us a management fee to subsidise your Eatfresh store’s operating costs

· Using this subsidy, we produce quality food at cost effective prices

· Your employees love the food and the price, and opt to take their meals onsite at your Eatfresh store. The end result is a happy, satisfied staff who enjoy nutritious meals onsite, thereby boosting company productivity in so many ways.

· Eatfresh menus are built around innovation and variety, which allows us to tailor our staff structure to your exact needs. The bigger the store and the more varied the menu, the more staff are needed. A store with a smaller menu offering requires less staff and a lower management fee.

We will work closely with you to deliver menu variety within your allotted budget.

When using the Education Division, a 20% discount off the monthly management fee or an alternate per student price is offered.

The Catering Division (Blue Strawberry) is offering a 10% discount off any catering .

The Home Delivery Service Division is offering a 5% discount off any My Chef order of fresh or frozen meals.

For more information contact

Natascia Conversano, KZN & EC Sales Manager

T: +27 72 704 9232


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