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Help companies deal with the retrenchment of employees caused by the COVID-19 viru - Bruce Lennon

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Help for entrepreneurially minded people

The latest BusinessFit initiative is to help companies deal with the retrenchment of employees.

During the South African national lockdown caused by the COVID-19 virus, many employers have struggled to keep their normal operations going. This has led to employers having to retrench employees; the effects of which are psychological, emotional, and financial.

BusinessFit will work with employers and employees to help mitigate some of these effects where possible. This goal will be achieved by offering the possibility of setting up one's own business for entrepreneurially minded people.

The BusinessFit team of experts will use their various skills and knowledge to assist these entrepreneurs to establish and to grow their own businesses.

Companies are able to use social economic development funds, training budgets as well as enterprise development funds to finance BusinessFit's interventions. These are funds that each business would normally spend on similar types of initiatives to achieve their B-BBEE levels.

For more information contact:

David White


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