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eRelevant is all about  remaining relevant

What is Relevant Now?

eRelevant is all about  remaining relevant to your customers. It’s what your tagline refers to. It’s about being relevant today and into the future.

Whether you are in Retail Industry Lending, Data, Fuel, Insurance, or are looking to further your digital commerce presence with speed-to-market.

Taking a flexible and adaptable approach

Taking a flexible and adaptable approach to your digital transformation by embracing ambiguity, considering various career paths, and continuously learning can prepare you for the change ahead and enable you to adapt and embrace that change. As individuals, we need to constantly evolve, not only to meet the demands of our employers, but also our own personal career goals. In the next part of this series, we will highlight practitioners who have successfully applied these recommendations and continue to build the skills needed for the future of work.


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