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Excelling in business

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

We are proud to feature the winners and finalists of the Standard Bank KZN Top Business Awards 2022 in this edition of Business Sense.

Taking the time to enter business awards can be very time-consuming, but the return on investment can be significant, even if you don’t get chosen as a finalist or winner. There is often the belief that business awards are only for large companies. However, the Standard Bank KZN Top Business Awards are inclusive and those that don’t put themselves forward stand to miss out. As is often mentioned, “You’ve got to be in it to win it”.

On the front page and page three of this edition we feature Isaac Mbatha, founder and CEO of Sky Tents, who was the winner of the entrepreneur category. He strongly believes that “consistency is key to success.”

Visit pages 5 to 12 for all the other winners and finalists – we congratulate all of you as well as all other nominees on your successes.

From our regular columnists read:-

  • Johan van Deventer: Equity? Equality? Let’s get to the bottom of it. Page 2

  • Monique Labat: Leveraging linkages at trade shows. Page 4

  • Cox Yeats Attorneys who celebrated Mandela Day, with a classroom handover. Page 4

  • Everest Strategic Communications: Supporting a Hybrid Workforce. Page 13

  • Marlene Powell : Learning to excel in business. Page 13

  • Dr Fareed Amod : Managing teeth grinding and jaw clenching. Page 15

  • David White : Creating a thriving global SME business community. Page 16

The KZN Top Business

Masterclass series provide great opportunities to learn directly from some of the business gurus in their respective industries.

Andy Gywnn’s masterclasses on LinkedIn continue to be very insightful and offer much practical advice on how to use LinkedIn more effectively. Read his latest article on page 14 and follow the links to watch or rewatch his webinars.


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