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Femada Shamam - TAFTA

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

Compassion and commitment to providing uncompromised care for the elderly is core to the work ethos that has propelled visionary, Femada Shamam to the helm of Durban welfare organisation, Tafta. The organisation provides services and support to approximately 5500 people.

Femada has dedicated 21 years to TAFTA, and has served on several local and provincial forums devoted to lobbying for rights of the elderly.

Femada has found her niche in a field that holds personal meaning and fulfilment. She attributes her success to hard work, passion, innovation and the support of great mentors. “My years at Tafta, educational qualifications and the opportunity to attend national and international conferences have equipped me with a wide range of skills and knowledge to add value to this organisation and to the lives of the elderly,” she said.


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