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Hantie Plomp - Leading the way for sustainability

Hantie Plomp Founder and Director of Triplo4 Sustainable Solutions

Hantie Plomp’s professional studies began at the University of Pretoria, where she completed a Bachelor of Science degree in microbiology and physiology. Her first employment was in AngloGold Ashanti’s chemical laboratory. During that time, she completed a National Diploma in Analytical Chemistry on a part-time basis.


In 1996, an opportunity arose for her to move to the environmental sector of AngloGold Ashanti. After two weeks, Hantie realised that Environmental Management was what she wanted to do for the rest of her life. She then graduated cum laude from the University of the Orange Free State with a master’s degree in environmental management.


After working through the ranks of AngloGold Ashanti, Hantie relocated to KZN in 2007 to start up an environmental division of an engineering company. In 2010 she founded her own company, Triplo4 Sustainable Solutions.


Caring About People

 However, she added, that there’s another part to her life which is really caring about people. Throughout her working life she has studied theology as well as natural health and has assisted people with their well-being through counselling, healing sessions and prayers.


“Triplo4 really brings together my passion for the environment as well as my passion for people.  And this is why this company assists me to live my potential and also my divine purpose.”


Triplo4 Sustainable Solutions’ purpose is to solve environmental challenges and to help companies to improve their environmental performance in a sustainable way.


“We look at all issues or challenges that there can be to try and help people find an approach where the components of social, economic, and environmental matters are balanced. We help those individuals or companies to find a solution that is sustainable and profitable without impacting on future generations.”


A Path of Entrepreneurship

While Hantie has had many accomplishments in her career, she is particularly proud of winning the National Business Awards Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2019. “I was really proud of that award because it honoured the effort that I have made throughout the years. The recognition also acknowledged what my team has done for Triplo4 Sustainable Solutions as well as the role my parents played.”


“My career aspirations began early, between the age of three and five years. Often when driving with my mother between the towns of Orkney and Klerksdorp, she would want to know what I wanted to be when I grew up. I replied with a child’s dream and ambition: to own a cafe so that I can eat as many chocolates as I wanted. I believe that my entrepreneurial spirit recognised that ownership would present the ability to make decisions and influence direction.”


Consequently, throughout her career, Hantie has worked towards opportunities for entrepreneurship. She added that her parents had shown her the importance of working hard and undoubtedly influenced her to be an entrepreneur.


“I do believe that my parents played a significant role in my life because the first job that I had was working for them. They had a mini golf putting course which my dad had built, and we worked there over weekends and holidays. From early on, we learned that you need to be creative, go the extra mile, and we worked hard.”


Working at the course also taught Hantie how to engage with people and to care about their needs. “We learnt to understand what’s important for people, it was not just looking after yourself and what you would like to have as a child. This is the reason I care about people and am passionate about entrepreneurship.”

The members of Triplo4 not only strive at protecting our planet, but also guide our industries towards a more sustainable future

Stand Together

Speaking of who inspires her, Hantie first turns to God. In terms of Triplo4, she feels inspired by her employees as they stand together and go through challenging times as a team. She added that her husband has always been there for her. “Together with God, my parents, my husband, and the team, I’m always inspired to do my best for Triplo4 Sustainable Solutions.”


In line with obtaining inspiration from her team, she also believes in keeping the members well motivated. “One needs to set an example; one needs to do your best and show your team how to work in a positive and a constructive way to find solutions.”


Hantie also guides her team through training and development while encouraging them to be creative, show initiative and help themselves in terms of their careers.


The best advice that Hantie has received was from a previous manager who said that not all people will think or feel the same as you do, and that they don’t necessarily share the same values or ethics. This has helped her in the environmental field as she often deals with stakeholders who have different requirements, needs and agendas.


The biggest challenge that Hantie has faced in her career was when she felt that both her competence as well as her ethics were challenged during a major project. “Keep in mind that when I started my career, I said this is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I have dedicated 30 years of my career towards environmental management and the profession.”


Do The Right Things

Hantie’s vision for KZN business is that, considering we already have the infrastructure in terms of ports and airports as well an environment that provides open spaces to support conservation, we should become a powerhouse in the country.


“My vision is that we will strive towards sustainable development and excellence where there’s no corruption and every person and municipality is empowered to deliver the best for their community.”


The motto that Hantie lives by is that you should ‘do the right things right’. Hantie has tried to live by this motto her whole life. She recently found a new aspect to add when she read that one should ‘do the right things right at the right time’.


In conclusion, Hantie says that there’s another motto that she lives by in terms of Triplo4 Sustainable Solutions. This is that a leader is only as good as the team and the team is only as good as the leader. “Together, the two need to work together to make the best of the opportunities and the value that can be created.”


T:  +27 (0)32 946 3213


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