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Icebolethu Group Warns Public against Scams

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

Icebolethu Group is concerned about the recent escalation of fraudulent social media accounts and investment schemes being created using the brand’s corporate identity.

Defrauded clients have been enquiring about investment schemes issued by Icebolethu Group only to realise that they were scammed. Icebolethu Group Chief Executive Officer; Nomfundo Mcoyi said Icebolethu Group will undertake campaigns in the media, on social media, and across its operating divisions to warn clients, service providers, job seekers, and the general public against these scams.

“We empathise with the latest victims and encourage them to report these accounts. We are urging the public to practise caution and to familiarise themselves with our official social media handles as well as the brand identity to avoid falling victim to such scams. We have noticed that in most fraudulent social media accounts or posts, fraudsters use our logo, brand colours, and tagline. We would also like to make clear that we do not have an investment plan or a loan business under Icebolethu Group. We are a registered financial service provider that offers funeral and burial services.” said Mcoyi.

“Several external websites and social media pages often advertise job positions and cryptocurrency scams using images extracted from Icebolethu Group accounts to give the illusion that these are legit and endorsed by our organisation. We plead the public to be vigilant and not to send any money to these accounts. Our team will continue working tirelessly to report and expose fake accounts to make the public aware. We thank everyone who has been sending us links to fake accounts so that we act rapidly and encourage everyone who comes across a fake Icebolethu Group page to do the same.

Members of the public are requested to report any fraudulent activity on Icebolethu Group social media platforms or to call our call centre on 086 000 7580. They may also contact SAPS if they have any information relating to this issue.

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