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Journey to Success as KZN Top Business Leaders

Updated: Mar 31

We have just completed a KZN Top Business Leaders video interview with Pat Symcox.

What an incredible story. It has a little bit of Pat the cricketer, Pat the businessperson, and a bit of what we don't know about Pat but should know.

I have one of the best jobs in KZN because I can converse and converse to get information from these phenomenally successful businesses operating in KZN.

The photographic section for the coffee table publication we will be producing is a collector's item. The written word is such a legacy for us.

One of those "keep me" publications that will be handed down in the family, sparking arguments about who gets to keep this incredible publication.

Over the last few weeks, we have had photographic sessions with companies such as Aquelle, BEE Score, Shamla Pather Attorneys, Triplo4 Sustainable Solutions, Sky Tents, Argento Trading, Supahot, DRG Outsourcing, TWIMS, LabourNet, and Jaquie Bhana Consulting.

Just last week, we interviewed Ashley Bell from Bell Equipment, Jay Patel from Royal Tyres, Mark Bielovich from Bluff Meat Supply, Pat Moodley from IDC, Dino Constantinou from Mediterranean Kitchen, Lubin Ozoux from SRSA (Dunlop), and Naeem Asvat from SAICA.

Next week, we have photo shoots and interviews lined up with Cox Yeats, Dynamic Shipping Services, Hyercheck Group, Innovate Durban, Bata, AML Distributions, Beier Group, and thoughtFIRE.

I can't cover all the companies in this blog, but I will keep you informed over the next few weeks.

If you believe that you should be profiled in this exclusive edition, contact Ange Alderton at 066 206 5654 via WhatsApp. Ange will coordinate the next steps.

Remember, a successful story must be a good news story with an emphasis on good news and success stories.

Grant Adlam.

KZN Top Business.


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