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Malebo Mohale - Change starts with me owning up to my purpose

Industrial Engineering Manager Conlog SA

Malebo Mohale is currently employed at Conlog SA, as an industrial engineering manager. Her leadership responsibility is aimed at improving business and process excellence.

Malebo grew up in Limpopo and first studied at Nelson Mandela University. She joined a graduate programme straight after completing her degree to work at Toyota in Durban. “I’ve been here since 2010, so I’m officially a ‘KZNarain’,” Malebo says with a laugh.

Malebo currently holds a Bachelor of Industrial Engineering (DUT), Specialist Project Management (DUT), and Lean Six Sigma Black Belt (2KO International).

“Specialising in Lean Six Sigma principles, cost reduction, people development, change management amongst many other strategical objectives, I have found my passion for people empowerment and business growth,” says Malebo.

She is now studying towards a Master of International Management, specialising in Big Data with IU Studies through a German Scholarship, and looking forward to completing her Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt with Novel Idea.

“It’s all about data and solving problems. The problems can have a personal or business perspective or be economic issues that we have to deal with. I think a combination of my studies helps in understanding the broader perspective of what we need to address as a country,” explained Malebo.

Her over 13 years of professional experience have been acquired while working at AIDC, Toyota SA and Beier Group, where she has grown her skills and corporate experience.

“In my spare time, I focus my energy in developing young women, unemployed youth, divorced women, women undergoing challenges amongst other volunteering roles I have taken in various projects. Through these engagements I learnt to share knowledge, coach, and mentor different groups to help people deal with their challenges and unleash their potential,” said Malebo.

She also supports school pupils with stationery, uniform, fees, and toiletries.

Point of reference

Malebo says that she learnt her passion for people development from her late mom, who was her role model and point of reference. She explained, ‘I looked up to my mum a lot. She was an entrepreneur, and I learned a lot from her.”

in order to process her experience of losing her mother, Malebo is writing a book on grief, called Grief Unfiltered. She explained, “It’s grief, unfiltered. It’s basically my experience about the loss of my mother. I developed a lot of confidence from watching her do things, she was a community leader. She also was an employer and also helped a lot of women to start up their own business.” Her mother’s leadership approach still resonates with Malebo and through the engagements she had with her, she always desired to grow the vision and that is how Lebhenny Focal Point NPC was established.

Lebhenny Focal Point helps people to track, very closely, their interests, passions, and abilities. The objective is to assist women, the youth, and any person that comes through their organisational path to focus on identifying that critical point in life where purpose becomes clear and alignment with self takes place.

“We believe that when people are aligned to their purpose, they become more effective, happier and are less discouraged by the incidents of life,” said Malebo. “The reality is that people become easily overwhelmed by challenges of life, and we offer support to help alleviate stress, anxiety and depression through meaningful programmes that are relaxing, educational and empowering,” she further explained.

Malebo has encountered some challenges in establishing Lebhenny Focal Point NPC and she says that as a startup, having capital to run their day-to-day business and staying afloat in terms of making profits is difficult. “Sometimes you make a loss, and you just keep on going. These are challenges that I can say really shook me. Keeping the business to stay focused requires perseverance.”

Personal achievements

One of Malebo’s personal achievements, was to start building her helper a house and this she says has been one of the most challenging yet fulfilling projects to start. The project began in August 2023 and will be completed by 2024.

“I believe that my journey as an individual resonates with many young African women or girls. When I won the KZN Gender Mainstreaming Awards in July 2023, I became more aware of the unexplored wealth of opportunities in that I could share my experience with other women and inspire them to follow their dreams.” Malebo was also recognised as a Top 6 Finalist - Positive Role Model Southern Africa and as a Young Positive Role Model at the Gender Mainstreaming Awards Africa region on 5 October 2023.

To young women, Malebo would say, “If you have confidence, you are able to face anything, it does not matter if you make mistakes along the way. You have to believe in yourself and find that thing that ticks for you and work on that. Because when you do something that you are passionate about, you will excel. You will succeed because it drives you from your inner self.”

To relax, Malebo enjoys running and exercising. She adds, “I enjoy going to the beach, water helps me recoup. I love the sound of waves and stepping on the sand.”

Influencing decisions

Malebo says that she is thrilled to be part of the KZN Top Business Women 2023 nominees. “The opportunity and exposure have been remarkable as it has inspired me, challenged me, and more so boosted my confidence in ensuring that I keep going. I am grateful for the opportunity and for the experience. It makes a difference, not only to me but to every community member who will one day have a conversation with me as I believe that change happens when ideas are exchanged.”

In closing, says Malebo, “Change starts with me owning up to my purpose, working towards influencing decisions that promote people empowerment, especially women and through fostering a culture of financial and economic stability within our communities.”


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