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Mell Rijnvis – Virtual relaxation supports mental health

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

The World Health Organisation and the South African Department of Health call for immediate action to be taken. The mental health crisis has been deemed the ‘real pandemic’ and looking back in history at past crippling pandemics, the evidence is that the toll on humanity’s mental health will continue for many years to come.

Luckily there is hope, as VR Wend have the solution to improve mental health in a fun and userfriendly way. That there is more to health than just a healthy diet and exercise is clear. After experiencing months of Covid-19, civil unrest, depression, anxiety, and the constant daily stresses, we have seen the negative impact these common issues have on our daily lives. We now realise how important it is to maintain our mental health as a nation if there is going to be any hope for a brighter tomorrow.

The economic impact of negative mental health is significant as depression is one of the leading causes of an unproductive workforce, costing South Africa billions in sick leave taken each year. Followed on by chronic stress and PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), these soft spectrum mental health disorders move quietly and swiftly often causing destruction in our bodies and in our lives.

The underlying problems they cause are far reaching and often go undetected until it is too late. VR Wend have found an ingenious solution to help people combat the mental health crisis. By using technology to bring people back to nature, VR Wend improves the mental health of hundreds of users through immersive 360° videos, healing sounds, binaural beats and ischochronic tones. A treatment only takes seven minutes to reach the desired results, which is perfectly suited to the pace of our current lifestyles.

One brand that has identified the healing and calming benefits that this technology can bring to their clients, is internationally acclaimed professional skin care brand, Dermalogica. As a skin health brand, the primary focus is on customised solutions, holistic wellbeing, and the impact that our lifestyles have on skin condition.

Believing in the healing power of touch, and the importance of connection, Dermalogica will introduce this technology into selected destination stores as a next step in advanced care, to offer a unique virtual relaxation treatment, further enhancing and promoting the holistic wellness experience for their customers.

Managing director of VR Wend, Mell Rijnvis says, “The key is to be accessible and to reach people on a level they are comfortable with. In this day and age, technology is fast becoming a comfort for most but in reality the core of a human being craves nature. In this case Virtual Relaxation is the perfect fit, that provides an immersive experience which allows the brain to accept the information it receives as real. This experience triggers the release of powerful endorphins and natural hormones, that are highly beneficial to the body for healing.”

Medically tested, Virtual Relaxation has many far-reaching benefits such as reducing the effects of stress, anxiety, PTSD, improving sleeping patterns, lowering blood pressure, and even reduces pain by 25%. But for the VR Wend team, the most important benefit is most definitely the way that you feel positively empowered after every treatment.

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