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Monique Labat – Opportunities for manufacturers and exporters

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

Researching industry sectors

The global market is constantly changing and evolving. To be successful in exporting, it is important to research industry sectors and understand the latest trends. By doing so, you can identify new opportunities for your products and services. Additionally, it is important to have a good understanding of the competition in each sector and what differentiates your company from others.

Export strategy

Researching industry sectors will also help you develop a well-informed export strategy. You’ll need to consider things such as which countries to target, what distribution channels to use, and how much marketing effort should be put into each market. Exporting can be a lucrative venture but it’s important to do your homework first!

Growing your business through exports There are many reasons to export. Perhaps the most obvious reason is that exporting can help a business grow. When businesses export, they typically find new markets for their products and services, which can lead to increased sales and profits. Additionally, exporting can help businesses become more competitive by making them more efficient and effective in how they produce and sell their products.

New customers = significant business growth

Another reason to export is that it allows businesses to reach new customers who may not be available through domestic markets alone. In some cases, a foreign market may be much larger than the domestic market, providing significant growth potential for a business’ products or services. Additionally, selling products or services in foreign markets exposes companies to new ideas and technologies that they may not have access to otherwise. This helps companies stay ahead of the competition and improve their own operations over time.

Diversify risk through exports Exporting also provides opportunities for businesses to diversify their risk by spreading out their sales across different countries around the world. If one country’s economy weakens or experiences political turmoil, exports elsewhere can help offset any losses sustained by doing business in that one country alone.

B2B the answer to developing stronger trade relationships

Business to business linkages present opportunities for manufacturers and exporters to explore new markets, identify potential business partners, and develop stronger trade relationships. By collaborating with other businesses, manufacturers and exporters can create a global supply chain that allows them to reach new consumers while reducing the risk associated with exporting. There are several ways in which businesses can establish these linkages.

Trade shows and exhibitions

Trade shows provide a venue for companies from all over the world to come together and discuss potential partnerships. Exhibitors have an opportunity to meet one-on-one with buyers from around the globe, learn about new products and services, and form relationships that could lead to future business deals. In order to make the most of this opportunity, it is important for exhibitors to be prepared beforehand by doing research on the attendees and arranging meetings in advance.

B2B specialists identify potential buyers and distributors

When looking to export products, it is important to use a specialist who can help identify and navigate the complex web of export regulations. The specialists have the knowledge and resources necessary to help companies find new markets for their products, as well as connect them with potential buyers and distributors.

B2B specialists have a wealth of experience working with different types of businesses, so they are well-equipped to help companies of all sizes expand into new markets. They also have connections with trade organisations and other professionals in the export industry, which can be invaluable when trying to establish relationships with foreign buyers or distributors.

Advantages of B2B specialist in sourcing export markets

Overall, using a specialist to source export markets is an effective way for companies to expand their business overseas quickly and efficiently. By taking advantage of the resources that these professionals offer, businesses can save time and money while increasing their chances of success in foreign markets.

Information on B2B market linkages and exports to secure new markets, new suppliers or new clients available from Monique Labat Consulting (Pty) Ltd.

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