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Monique Labat - The power of networks and b2b linkages in 2023

In today’s business world, it’s all about who you know. Having a strong network of professional connections can make all the difference as to whether or not you succeed at business.

As you strategise over the next few weeks to grow your company in 2023, here are just a few ways that networks and B2B linkages can help your business.


One of the main benefits of being part of a network is that it gives businesses access to a wealth of resources. This could include suppliers, customers, funding, advice, etc. By being connected to the right people and organisations, businesses can save time and money while also getting access to high quality resources.


Another benefit of networking is that it can help increase your business’s visibility. When companies are well-connected, they are more likely to be seen by potential customers, associates, or partners. This increased visibility can lead to new opportunities for growth or expansion. Be open to creating new networks and reaching out to make new connections!


Being part of a network often comes with an improved reputation. When companies have strong connections with other reputable organisations and companies it reflects positively on them. This improved reputation can make it easier for businesses to attract new clients or partners. Are you not more likely to trust the advice of a business associate rather than an individual who is cold calling your company?


It’s wise to remember how powerful referrals and word of mouth is within your B2B networks. Referrals carry a lot of weight in business dealings. Traits such as credibility, loyalty and reliability will engender people to you in business dealings too.

B2B Linkages to grow your business in 2023!

Marketing your company, along with other factors such as product quality and customer service have a key role to play in delivering to your customers.

Each interaction matters, from a face-to-face meeting to an email, to a response, to a tweet. Successful businesses are taking advantage of marketing automation technologies to improve customer satisfaction. In order to create successful processes, you need to be able to create highly personalised communication, and highly useful content.

Writing articles for KZN Business Sense in our field of B2B expertise has channelled new clients to our company. KZN Business Sense speaks to our target market.

B2B Action List 2023

Here is an action list for 2023 to help you outperform your 2022 growth. With the support and guidance of a B2B specialist you and your company can:

· Find new customers/clients

· Develop strategic partnerships

· Get industry insights

· Stay informed about trends

· Keep up and outperform your competitors

· Make valuable connections

· Gain access to business opportunities

· Generate leads for your business

· Expand into new markets

Working with a B2B specialist is an investment that will deliver returns when it comes to securing new clients for your company.

Seen at the MBN Mauritius Expo on right, Monique Labat, guest speaker and exhibitor and on left, Taruni Ramnarain of Charisma by Taruni

Industry sectors that have recently benefitted from our B2B linkages include energy, engineering, fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), information communications technology (ICT), manufacturing, public relations and media.

If you’re serious about growing your business, consider partnering with a Business-2-Business specialist today! Simply contact Monique at Monique Labat Consulting (Pty) Ltd or +27 (0) 82 924 6349


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