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Mpumzi Swana- KZN Top Business Leaders

Updated: Jun 22

Mpumzi Swana, a Chief Operating Officer at SAMAC Engineering Solutions, shares his journey from studying chemical engineering to working in the manufacturing industry and eventually founding a company focused on product development in the HVAC sector. His vision is to create efficient energy solutions using innovative technologies like thermal storage. Through overcoming challenges like COVID-19 disruptions and warehouse looting, he emphasizes the importance of motivation within his team and the personal motto of taking individual agency for positive change.

Mpumzi Swana's career journey began with studying chemical engineering and working in manufacturing at Toyota before founding SAMAC Engineering Solutions, focusing on product development in the HVAC sector. His company's core focus is on developing technologies to reduce energy bills through efficient energy usage, particularly in the HVAC and refrigeration industry.

Swana's vision includes creating platforms for young innovators to develop products using their technology, aiming to transform industries like cold chain and HVAC.

Overcoming challenges like disruptions due to COVID-19 and warehouse looting, Swana emphasizes the importance of team motivation and resilience.

His personal motto revolves around taking individual responsibility and agency for effecting positive change rather than waiting for external solutions.

Swana's inspiration comes from his grandfather's ability to thrive and lead in various fields, driving his pursuit of excellence in any endeavor.

Looking ahead, Swana envisions rapid growth for his business in KZN, aiming to not just build a business, but an industry by leveraging technology for greener and more efficient operations.


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