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Nozibele Sogoni - Nozibele Solutions

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

Nozibele Sogoni whose first name means ‘be kind’ is the founder and managing director of Nozibele Solutions which was launched in 2013. She is a motivational speaker, SETA accredited mentor and coach as well as a trainer.

Nozi launched her woman owned level 1 BBEE company in 2013. Her goal is to offer solutions to entrepreneurs in the South African marketplace. Nozie says, “I believe that entrepreneurship has the power to change the economic landscape of the country.”

She motivates entrepreneurs to develop their internal muscles while focusing on self-development to be “the best you that you can be”. Through attending her three-month self-mastery course, entrepreneurs are encouraged to find their gifts and set goals for themselves and their businesses aligned to their passions.


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