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ONEclub Programme - a successful partnership between Elan Property Group and Azure One Software

A worldwide innovation in property based rewards technology

eLan boasts over three decades of property development experience and maintains a considerable eLan Investor Club database with 48,000 active members. Azure One, on the other hand, has extensive experience in developing property-related software programmes, with their ONE PMP Online solution being a global innovation. It enables tracking and monitoring of lead progress up to the transaction’s conclusion, and authorised parties receive unique login codes to access only relevant data.

This New Property Club

Focuses On:

  • New development property sales and investment for developers.

  • Providing early access to new property developments, with a minimum cash back of5%.

  • Creating a worldwide community of Property owners, both existing and aspirational.

  • Property education for the beginners and the aspirational buyers, as well as for the astute investor.

  • Massive property and Lifestyle benefits for the members.

  • Offering “database owners” passive income, through a share of membership fees, as well as through commissions each time one of the database owners members buys a property.

  • A lucrative “Refer a Friend” programme.

The ONEclub, an innovative and unique initiative is set to launch on November 1st, 2023, in South Africa. It is a globally based online rewards programme catering to the world’s largest community of property owners, investors, developers, agents, and suppliers. The programme offers subscribing members numerous property and other benefits, including the opportunity to acquire properties at preferential pricing rates before public launch, with discounts or cash backs of up to 5% of the purchase price. Additionally, subscribers will enjoy a host of other exciting rewards offers.

This platform’s distinguishing factor is the online technology and IP it employs, which enables individuals to track their information using a designated password. Members can track the number of members they have and the status of transactions, including property purchases (both local and overseas).

The Platform:

The ONEclub’s web-based Rewards programme has three membership tiers:

  1. The Gold Tier (free) presents an array of incentives pertaining to property, primarily centered around information-based offerings and a few limited rewards. The primary emphasis of this tier is to provide free property education, webinars, and online seminars.

  2. The Platinum Tier (R200/$15 pm) offers members an array of benefits, including more larger cashback rewards and access to a wide range of complimentary perks.

  3. The Diamond Tier (R2,000/$120 pm) provides members with more significant property discounts and cashback offers. They can access development inventory before other members, enjoy membership to 160 businessClubs worldwide, and indulge in experiential benefits.

The Participants:

  1. Members: ONEclub’s rewards programme offers subscribing members exclusive access to investment properties at a preferential price, as well as various other benefits such as 2-for-1 dining, cashbacks, free online education, discounted online shopping, and more.

  2. Developers: Developers can leverage the vast ONEclub membership base to increase sales. To participate in the ONEclub initiative, developers will need to subscribe to the Azure OneProject Management Platform (ONE PMP online), which incurs minimal costs.

  3. Real Estate Agents: ONEinvest powered by eXp Realty will be the preferred realty company that will be incentivised to join ONEinvest’s network to sell the development stock.

  4. Suppliers: Our initial action item involves reaching out to selected supplier partners to provide exclusive discounts to our members. Additionally, we aim to extend the benefits of the “Cashbacks” programme by allowing members to use their cashback rewards at the selected suppliers. For instance, if a member purchases a property for R2m and receives a 5% or R100,000 cashback, they could use their cashback at these suppliers.

  5. Database Owners: Database owners can earn a substantial passive income from their members who subscribe to the ONEclub Rewards programme, through two sources, which areas follows:

  • When their member buys a property, the database owner earns a share of the estate agents' portion of the commission

  • When their member participates in the ONEclub loyalty/rewards Programme the database owner is rewarded with a 15% share of the monthly membership fee.

We anticipate having a target database of close to one million potential members.


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