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ONOMO Hotel Durban - Look our for our crazy specials

Live the Onomo Hotel pleasure experience were business and pleasure meet. Receive an exclusive discounted rate when you book through the Durban Chamber Business Benefites Progranmme for a conference room bookings.

Look out for our Thursday and Friday specials: Treat family, friends, clients or just come and treat yourself and enjoy a good hearty meal.

Thursday Special : Chicken Wings

Friday Special : Braai Platter

9th April : Nu Savoy - bookings are essential - featuring Dane Francis & Shaun Duval

For further enquiries, please contact

Jodie Marais Conference Coordinator T : (+27) 31 492 3917 ONOMO Hotel Durban 56 K.E Masinga Road CNR Sylvester Ntuli | Durban 4001, South Africa



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