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Patrick O’Neill – A passion for customer service

Patrick O’Neill, the Fleet Sales Director at Key Truck, New Germany has had a long history of working in the motor industry.

O’Neill started as a technician with Key in 1993. He explained that he really loves to work with cars but after a year on the bench his enjoyment of interfacing with customers saw him being promoted to service advisor. He progressed through several roles within the branch – director, foreman, workshop controller, sales manager and after sales director.

His solid performance resulted in him spending four years running the workshop at the Pietermaritzburg Key branch until he was approached by Renault to work in the Gateway franchise where he became dealer principal. After the Renault company was sold, O’Neill joined Key Trucks New Germany as a salesman.

After six months, he was promoted to manager and one year ago was provided an opportunity to buy shares in the company and became a director. He now leads a team of four highly trained sales executives to support fleet companies.

“I see myself as a leader, not as a manager; a manager manages systems and computers. I will never expect something from my sales staff if I didn’t test it myself.”

“I have a passion for customers and a passion for Isuzu. I spend a lot of time with them,” said O’Neill.



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