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Prof. Theuns Pelser - Excellence in manufacturing education and research

As we close another year at TWIMS, I am delighted to share our collective achievements, which reflect our unwavering commitment to excellence in manufacturing education and research.

Academic Excellence in GIBS Programmes

The graduation of the PGDip 2022 cohort took place at the University of Pretoria in April and was a celebratory affair, particularly due to the excellent results of the cohort and the special awards received, including the top PGDip student overall for one of our Manufacturing Ambassador Scholarship (MAS) recipients. Of the 27 students who began the PGDip in 2022, 24 students passed. The MBA class of 2022 - 2023 graduated in September, where seventeen students out of the total number of 25 students successfully completed the programme. Friedrich Hamel, one of our MAS recipients, received the GIBS top student award with the highest overall performance for the MBA degree!


Manufacturing Ambassador Scholarship (MAS) Impact

We awarded 17 MAS for 2023, enhancing diversity and commitment to manufacturing excellence. Despite some challenges, the programme remains a cornerstone of our educational offering.


Executive Short Courses Success

Our array of Executive Short Courses, including Green Manufacturing and Lean Operations, received high ratings, underscoring our capability to deliver impactful and relevant executive education.


Community and Alumni Engagement

The inauguration of the Alumni Association and the acclaimed Alumni Cocktail event signify our expanding community engagement and influence.


Research and Publications

Our faculty’s participation in academic publications and conferences, notably on sustainability in manufacturing and women’s roles in the sector, has kept us at the vanguard of thought leadership.


Sponsorship and Partnerships

The renewal of essential corporate sponsorships, such as Toyota SA, Metair, a new corporate sponsorship by CFAO, and the forming of partnerships for customised programmes (SAB InBev

and UNDP), reflect ongoing confidence in our mission and the value we add to the manufacturing sector. Recognising the vital role that GIBS plays in our success is essential, and I am eager to strengthen this crucial partnership further.


Research Showcase

The Research Showcase event stood out as a significant moment, highlighting the creative and pioneering efforts of our students and faculty, while further establishing TWIMS’s reputation as a forefront institution in manufacturing research.



Commissioned Research

Our collaboration on the JICA Kaizen Study for a second year running stands as a significant achievement under commissioned research, demonstrating our commitment to global best practices and continuous improvement in manufacturing.


Operational Enhancements

We undertook proactive measures like infrastructural updates, streamlining our operations and fostering an environment conducive to learning and growth.


As we look ahead, our focus remains on enhancing our academic programmes, expanding the MAS, delivering high-quality executive education, and contributing significantly to manufacturing



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