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REGENT Business School - 12 Things you can do with your BCom Degree

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

When it comes to choosing a career, there are two types of people: those who, as children, knew exactly what they wanted to grow up to be; and those who matriculate or go on to find jobs and still don’t know what careers they’d like to chase. Luckily for many of us in the second group, there’s the humble Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) – an academic all-star that carries some serious career clout!

The BCom is one of the most popular degrees because it is so versatile. It’s a gateway to many different careers, some mega-niched and specialised, and others with a broad focus.

Here are some of the things you can do when you apply online for our supported distance learning BCom programme:

1. Financial Manager: According to the 2020 Adzuna Index Research*, there is a high demand for financial management skills in South Africa.

2. Taxation Specialist or Tax Consultant: If number crunching sets your pulse racing, this is a great way to merge people skills (through consulting) and the financial expertise that a BCom empowers you with.

3. Auditor: If you grew loving detective series, chances are you’d enjoy being an auditor! This career involves investigative work. Combine this with your love for numbers and you’ll be in your element!

4. Project Manager: Project managers are one of the most in-demand hands-on specialists in the global workplace. This is due to their eye for detail, knowledge of all aspects of business (thanks to their BCom training!) and ability to strategically manage multiple tasks.

5. Healthcare Manager: Never has this qualification been so in demand as it is now amidst the current global health crisis. There are abundant opportunities in South Africa for skilled healthcare management professionals, and the demand abroad is equally high.

6. Information Technology specialist: As the world becomes more digitised, the demand for IT experts increases. A BCom degree with a specific focus on Information and Technology Management would be a great choice.

7. HR Manager: If you love dealing with people and have your sights set on a managerial position, you can’t go wrong with a BCom in Human Resources Management. Successful HR Managers have a solid understanding of the different aspect of business, industrial relations, and how to bring the best out in people.

8. Risk Manager: Risk managers have analytical minds, love nitty gritty details and are somewhat fascinated by probabilities.

9. Retail Manager: Right now, the possibilities for re-defining the retail space are enormous. The COVID-19 crisis has altered consumer behaviour, and the need for innovative solutions in retail management has never been greater. BCom graduates are perfectly placed for the challenge.

10. Marketing specialist: Many successful careers in marketing are based on a BCom degree. Graduates go on to become marketing managers, sales managers, client managers and advertising managers.

11. Be your own boss: if you’re more drawn towards flexing your entrepreneurial muscle, a BCom degree is a great foundation for starting your own business, as you will have all the insight, skills and knowledge you need to make informed decisions.

12. Become a Master: A BCom degree is the perfect stepping-stone to a Master in Business Administration (MBA) qualification. The MBA is like rocket fuel for your career, and graduates are snapped up quickly. You can read more about our MBA offering here.

So, the list of opportunities that a BCom presents is vast. Our RBS student community can tailor their BCom degree to suit their career objectives by making smart electives choices. These include:

· Economics

· Accounting

· Marketing

· Project Management

· Health Management

· Information Technology

· Supply Chain Management

· Human Resource Management

· Risk Management

· Retail Management

Talk about having too many choices! You can apply here to give your career dreams wings, with our versatile, academic all-rounder: the Bachelor of Commerce degree.



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