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REGENT Business School - REDhub to nuture homegrown entrepreneurs

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

REGENT BUSINESS SCHOOL has unveiled an entrepreneurial and enterprise development centre to fuel sustained economic recovery at a grassroots level. This follows projections by analysts worldwide that technology-focused SMMEs (small, medium, and micro enterprises) will play a pivotal role in shaping post-COVID-19 realities. REGENT Enterprise Development Hub (REDhub) aims to nurture resilient, localised ecosystems and breathe life into ideas and concepts to stimulate impactful, homegrown new venture creation.

Speaking after the virtual launch of REDhub Prof Osman Seedat, Deputy Dean of REGENT BUSINESS SCHOOL, reiterated that now is the time for innovative players to thrive. “COVID-19 has snatched lives, stolen livelihoods and crushed revenue streams but has, ironically, birthed a new era for opportunity and innovation. Around the world, the entrepreneurial spirit is in full throttle, powered by pioneering and problem-solving philosophies. REDhub fosters this sentiment by crafting an agile, enterprising mindset and skillset by creating or tapping into local revenue streams to catalyse socio-economic growth at a community level.”

Prof Seedat further explains, “Micro-enterprisers, new venture creators, and small businesses who are given access to REDhub will receive expert guidance on accessing new markets and building collaborative networks. The ultimate focus is on mitigating against poor business strategy and retraining (upskilling and reskilling) working adults.”

REDhub provides start-ups and small business owners with a range of services, among them business incubation, provision of co-working spaces and makerspaces, labs for product conceptualisation, prototyping and development, mentorship, a business advisory desk, facilitation of access to finance, accounting and tax services.

Innovative minds with bright ideas should submit their ideas or apply via for consideration by a panel of experts. Selected candidates will go through a programme during which they will have access to a range of subject matter specialists who will guide them along their entrepreneurial journey.

REGENT BUSINESS SCHOOL has made considerable investment to create an environment to support many facets of enterprise development. REDhub leverages our iLeadLABs or national innovation hubs, and the continuous improvement initiatives to our knowledge-exchange practices, as part of our long-term commitment to social and economic upliftment through quality education.

Click here to download our brochure for further details on the REGENT Enterprise Development Hub (REDhub).



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