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Remembering Glenn Delve

Glenn Delve, the national commercial director of the Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC), South Africa died peacefully on the 26 June 2022.

At school his aptitude tests predicted him becoming a chartered accountant or a chemical engineer, but he wanted something different. Delve’s professional journey began in 1978, when he accepted a post as a management trainee in a shipping company. His natural aptitude for learning saw him complete several training courses in the field of shipping, which he said, “gave his career a good grounding”.

Delve’s journey with MSC has ensured that his career has had many highlights, not the least was his appointment as a director of MSC in 2006. He commented, “Being able to conclude a commercial agreement is a highlight on every occasion; each circumstance is different and has different requirements. Over the years, we have had to negotiate complex multinational contracts. Each takes a lot of time and it is very rewarding to see the conclusion.”

In a past interview Delve commented that he was old school and was proud to have worked for so many years for the same company, which is a different mindset to young employees nowadays. He also said that he had enjoyed his long working relationship with the Chief Executive Officer Captain Salvatore Sarno and MSC founder Chairman Gianluigi Aponte. He said, “The company has always treated its employees not only as assets but as family members.”

For young people embarking on a shipping career, Delve had this advice, “Work hard and the rewards will be there”. However, he said, “It is not an industry for the faint hearted.” He added that it is also important to work your way up from the bottom so that you have a good understanding of the different aspects of the shipping industry. Glenn Delve’s advice to anyone wanting to follow in his footsteps is “Not to lose focus and don’t lose sight of other people”.

Remembering Glenn Delve
Remembering Glenn Delve

Delve said life today is challenging as there is a lot to keep on top of and it’s more difficult now to find time for the things you used to do in the past. However, out of office hours, he participated in varied activities, and said that “if it involves water even better”.

Delve enjoyed going to gym and played squash as well. He also often found time to be outdoors and especially to be in the bush. His closing words much reflect his life and are an ethos for which he will be fondly remembered, “Just love life, work hard and play hard!”


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