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Samantha Watt – Say Watt

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

Samantha Watt has a passion for influencing hearts and minds through the art of public relations. While her core business is public relations this includes marketing strategy, events, web development, social media and/or brand development and activation. She says, “We are idea generators and content creators. I love telling our clients that we are dream chasers.”

Samantha started her own agency after leaving her nine to five job to meet her desire to be the best mom and wife that she could be. She adds that she has succeeded through the grace of God and through the support of her husband. Samantha’s goal is to have an impact on the world.

“Our dream is that no brand, big or small, in South Africa ever has to go unbranded or unheard. We are committed to keeping our costs low and competitive while still providing the quality that our clients have come to know and enjoy.”

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