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Section 12J contributions soon to end.

Updated: May 3, 2021

Currently, companies or individuals wanting to make

a Section 12J (“S12J”) contribution, through which a 100% tax deduction is provided, have only until the end of June 2021 to do so.

While a minimum of one-million-rand investment is required in a private company, Wealth Masters Club has a public company offering in which smaller amounts can be deposited. This benefit provides tax exemptions for business pro

fit. If the amount paid is not realised this exemption can be rolled over until the amount invested is fully used.


A member function is to be held in Durban on Wednesday 5 May. At this event existing members are offered a refresher course on the basics of the Wealth Masters Club’s system and are able to engage with Coert Coetzee in person. Guests are welcome at this function, to see whether or not they have an appetite for the system.

To register visit


In addition, the Wealth Masters Club will be conducting a webinar on Saturday 8 May. This unique and popular full-day course, teaches both experienced and novice investors how to create enormous wealth and tax-free cash flow through the use of a specialised trust structure with a specific type of property investment.

The information shared on the course is absolutely essential for both the ordinary person and the investor who wishes to create everlasting financial freedom for themselves and their children.



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