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Meet Marlene, the powerhouse entrepreneur who shattered the glass ceiling as South Africa’s first female ActionCOACH franchisee. Armed with over 12,000 coaching hours, Marlene has transformed herself from a generalist to a specialist in the business coaching arena.  Marlene’s journey from the corporate world to becoming an internationally certified business coach is a testament to her unwavering dedication and expertise. Nevertheless, Marlene’s success story is not just about accolades and certificates; it’s a tale of dreams turned into reality.

The key to any business success lies in taking ownership, accountability, and responsibility for your dreams—no room for blame, excuses, or denial.  “As a business owner myself, I value the essence of quality of life and making sure my business does just that for me as every business owner should. By integrating simple yet effective tools into my clients’ businesses, I empower them to unlock and achieve their definition of success (be it more time and money, scaling their business, or building it up to sell). It’s incredibly fulfilling to assist business owners to achieve what they want from their business while doing what they love,” Marlene shares.  

Delivering Desired Results Embracing her role as a business coach, Marlene commits to delivering desired results using proven tools and methodologies that she has refined over two decades of assisting businesses. Just as you would with a sports coach, Marlene is there to hold her clients accountable and push them to perform at optimal levels. Her job is not to be an expensive friend! For any client of hers, you will embark on a journey with ActionCOACH, where the mission is more than just business—it is a commitment to positive, successful, and balanced growth.

Operating within ActionCOACH’s ‘14 Points of Culture’, Marlene and her ActionCOACH team strive to benefit everyone they interact with each day. Core Philosophy Her core philosophy is ‘coopetition’, challenging the traditional competition norms by fostering a spirit of collaboration and a growth mindset and journey rather than one of being in competition with others. As said by Marlene, “There is more than enough business for everyone, it is more about getting the business you want.  ActionCOACH is not just in the business of coaching; we are in the business of changing the lives of not just the business owner but their family and team. As a Business Coach, I am the master of ‘Edutainment’.

My focus is on educating our clients and those who work with them while ensuring that we make it a fun journey while doing so by utilising cutting-edge techniques, including audio, video, workshops, workbooks, and other technologies, to impart world-class marketing and business development knowledge. With everything I do, I pride myself in products and services and guarantee to provide the highest quality, return on investment in yourself and your business through the latest and most effective training methodologies available.”  With any client, they all have the same thing in common with regard to their attitudes, commitment to learning, growth, and teamwork.

Marlene and ActionCOACH are not just transforming businesses; they’re crafting success stories and inspiring a paradigm shift in the world of entrepreneurship. Join the revolution, where taking business seriously means embracing growth, learning, and the journey towards turning the next page to your next business chapter!

Contact me on marlenepowell or call +27 (0)83 479 4471 E: W:


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