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Standard Bank KZN Top Business Women 2021 Webinar Series

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

The Standard Bank KZN Top Business Women recognises phenomenal women in the province through webinars, print, social media, photography, video, and a streamed gala event.

Although women often have significant challenges to face, especially considering the many roles that they are required to fulfil, there are many positives to focus on. We can find many KZN businesswomen, entrepreneurs and community workers who are provoking significant changes in businesses and society, boosting their careers, and helping to shape the future of our province.

During the build up to the final event, which will be held on 18 November, the participating women will share aspects of their stories in three panel-based webinars. The goal is to provide a platform for the women to come together and offer the insights learnt from their journeys.

The first webinar was held on the 2 September and was facilitated by Marlene Powell - ActionCOACH franchisee and an international certified business coach.

This group of Standard Bank KZN Top Business Women participants were:

• Dawn Dunn, Rugby Commentator and Businesswoman

• Esay Reddy, RR Group CEO KZN Oils, Kolay, JD Telecom, Champion Healthcare

• Catherine Clark – Owner and Founder, The Harvest Table

• Femada Shamam – CEO, Tafta

• Portio Dlamini – Founder, Emakheni Cleaning & Industrial Solutions

• Judy Stuart – CEO, Future Farmers Foundation

• Samantha Watt – Owner, Say Watt

• Fatima Moolla – Centre Manager, SmartXchange Port Shepstone

• Nozibele Sogoni – Founder and Managing Director, Nozibele Solutions

Special guests were Clarissa Johnston and Laura Strugnell, who have recently returned from the Toyoko Olympic Games where they competed in the artistic swimming event as a duet. The Standard Bank representative was Portia Mthembu - Manager Distribution, Client Coverage Dolphin Coast Area, KZN.

The following are some of the comments on the women’s journeys and insights.

Femada Shaman: “I grew up being raised by an exceptional woman who believed that nothing in life should limit you. I think that the values that she instilled in us lived throughout our lives. She had an absolute work ethic which is captured in her words ‘If you are going to do something do it well or don’t bother at all’.”

Nozibele Sogoni: “When I relaunched my business, I had to dig deep within me as to what I had to offer as Nozie, and I realised that I had this internal muscle of excellence. Another muscle says be authentic, while another says be limitless.”

Judy Stuart: ‘I was born to farm. When I did start farming it was tough. I was swimming against the current.”

Dawn Dunn: “Nothing worth it is ever easy… It doesn’t matter what background you come from. It doesn’t matter whether you are rich or poor, you can change the world you live in... Because we as women are good enough.”

Esay Reddy: “Many people ask, how has this journey affected you as a woman in this industry? It has been very difficult to try and get in and to get the respect in a male dominated industry (energy).”

Catherine Clark: “I have learnt to be brave. I have learnt to surround myself with a really strong team of women on that journey … I have learnt to walk to my own beat.”

Fatima Moolla: “My journey at SmartXchange has been an absolute fantastic journey… It has brought me in to such close contact with people who want to succeed.”

Samantha Watt: “Interestingly, Say Watt wasn’t born out of this deep-seated dream to be an entrepreneur or to own my own business. It was actually born from the dream to be the best wife and mom that I could be.”

Portio Dlamini: “I made a decision that instead of going up the corporate ladder as a senior manager or something like that, I would rather start a company that would not just be profitable and sustainable but a company that would empower and change people’s lives.”

Each webinar will feature a new group of Standard Bank KZN Top Business Women. The second session is on the 7 October and the third on the 28 October.

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