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Stay frosty this summer with Sky Tents

Mobile cooling solutions are an invaluable part of many outdoor functions, especially for businesses consistently operating out of doors. And with the hot summer days we are now experiencing, having a flexible mobile cooling solution near to hand is a must-have for a wide variety of projects, parties, industries and enterprises.

Stay frosty this summer with Sky Tents

Sky Tents makes all their mobile cold rooms and freezers from the highest-quality panelled insulation, girded by a rigid chassis of pure galvanised steel, in single or double axle options. So when you choose Sky Tents for all your mobile cooling solutions, you can chill out, relaxed in the knowledge that your products will make it from A to B 100% unspoiled and uncompromised.


Sky Tents uses only the highest quality condensers, blowers and motors to fabricate their mobile cold rooms and freezers, and they take care to fully insulate the floors as well as the walls and ceiling, in order to maximise cooling efficiency. Cooling and freezing are essential aspects of a range of different industries.


From catering and craft services, to florists and funerals, to meat and medical supplies, the possibilities and opportunities are endless when you have a mobile cold room or freezer!



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