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TAMI - The Africa Marketing Initiative

TAMI is a SA Chamber UK initiative (managed by the local SA Chamber Chapter). In essence it is an “Inbound South African Business Portal”, creating opportunity for international organisations interested in doing business in SA to meet local professional service providers and support partners. TAMI is supported strongly by the KZN Growth Coalition, KZN Top Business, Commonwealth Entrepreneurs Club, and Global Economic Forum.

TAMI website can be seen at The website creates direct linkages to Private and Public sector service providers / support partners. Individuals and organisations from anywhere in the world, through TAMI, can meet specialists in each of the functional areas of Banking, HR, Accounting, Legal Services, Operations and Logistics, B-BBEE, Foreign Currency Trading, Mobility, and Property to enquire about local legislation, services, and opportunities. Functional area specialists engage directly with interested parties.

TAMI also has professional business facilitators, who are able to assist international organisations develop in-country landing strategies, provide research in various sectors, and facilitate local networking and introductions.

TAMI’s initial intention was to support the Africa Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA) and encourage “ease of trade” from across the African Continent into SA. TAMI has since grown to encourage individuals and organisations from across the globe to make contact and build relationships with SA business leaders and government officials.

The launch of TAMI will include communications to Chambers and Government offices across Africa, UK, USA and other. TAMI is not intended as a local SA business linking service, however, time will show if there is a market for TAMI’s services in SA.

Each of the 12 functional area specialist service providers have been hand picked as the “best in their field”, and it is a great honour to have been able to include such quality people and organisations into this initiative.

Business Responders TAMI approved Business Responders in South Africa support local and cross border trade through sharing knowledge and expertise in business administration and compliance. Foreign organisations considering trading in South Africa require understanding of local market opportunities, as well as business trading, best practice, and reporting responsibilities.

TAMI ’s essential service provisions include banking support, professional guidance in aspects as financial adherence, legal infrastructure and guidance, HR administration and staff engagement, Black Economic Empowerment transformation, and other. Each of the appointed TAMI Business Responders are ready to support SMEs and Corporations wishing to understand all that is required to support their endeavours in setting up and advancing business development opportunities in South Africa.

Our Services

  • Banking Services – Standard Bank

  • HR Administration and Compliance – DRG

  • Financial / Accounting - The CFO Centre

  • Legal Services – Cox Yeats Attorneys

  • Business Facilitation - BusinessFit SA

  • Business Communications - Top Business / Business Sense

  • Operations and Logistics - Business Insights

  • Black Economic Empowerment – Stimela Group

  • Governance and Sustainability – Earth Energy

  • Forex Treasury Solution - CC Currencies

  • Recruitment – Pro Appointments


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