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TOMY Takkies Celebrating six decades of stepping up

TOMY Takkies, a proudly African footwear brand under Bata South Africa, hits the big 6-0 this year, celebrating six decades of renowned versatility and timeless style.

Starting off as a brand catering to both men and women, TOMY has now firmly entrenched itself as a female-focused powerhouse in the South African market, prioritising authentic connections with consumers and a commitment to making a meaningful difference in their lives.


“TOMY has a deep history in southern Africa. Our journey began in 1964 when hard shoes dominated the market, offering little in terms of comfort and style,” shares Swastika Juggernath, Head of Sneaker Department at Bata South Africa.


“Our vision was to offer something different, and so the TOMY Original Canvas Sneaker was born – more comfortable, durable, and versatile.”


TOMY’s iconic canvas black and white originals, known for their comfort and style, are now joined by a new, easy-to-clean PU collection and a more versatile fashion collection. This expanded TOMY offering empowers women across South Africa to express their individuality, complement their style, and embrace every occasion with confidence. From casual outings to formal gatherings, TOMYs remain a beloved fashion staple that can be worn with almost anything, making them the go-to footwear choice for women.


What truly sets TOMY Takkies apart?

TOMY is a brand by women, for women. Starting as a team of mostly women, the brand’s mission has always been to craft comfortable yet stylish sneakers tailored to the needs and desires of women. This dedication to women extends beyond footwear design to a commitment to making a tangible difference in communities.


Central to TOMY’s ethos is its continued support for women-centric initiatives. From the TOMY Women.Kind initiative, providing a platform for local, women-led businesses, to ongoing contributions from every TOMY sale to organisations supporting women across South Africa, the brand exemplifies its dedication to empowering women in every facet of life.


As Tomy Takkies celebrates 60 years of empowering women and leaving a lasting mark in the South African market, it invites consumers to join in the journey ahead.


Says Juggernath, “Get ready, because with TOMY’s renewed commitment to innovation, community, and empowerment, the next 60 years are going to be amazing!”


For more information about Tomy Takkies and its 60th-anniversary celebrations, please visit or follow us on social media @TomyTakkies.



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