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After an agonising 8 month hiatus and a 2 month wait while the National Govenment and Triathlon SA reviewed B-Active's Covid Race protocols and applications, B-Active SA has finally recieved their approvals! Triathlon is now back and what better way then to celebrate with the upcoming TinMan Series (25th Oct) , Sun City Ultra Triathlon (1st Nov) and the Joburg Ultra Triathlon (6th Dec)  B-Active Events, who have not staged an event for over 8 months are delighted to finally get the stamp of approval from the national Government and Triathlon SA. While the events are fully approved, the Covid-19 regulations still apply and certain restrictions on events will be here for awhile. Race Director from B-Active, Damian Bradley had this to say " We are absolutley esctatic to be able to start work again. I never through we would be able to survive 8 months with no events, but where there is a will, there is a way! We do ask all our competitors around the country to please support our now operational events, we have taken a massive knock but the worst is now behind us and we look forward to staging world class events again for our competitors around our beautiful country"  Entries for the Sun City Ultra Triathlon event have just been extended until the 20th October, so secure your individual or Team place now and we will see you on the starting line on the 1st November.   See you on a starting line soon ! The B-Active SA Team Email us



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