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"Unveiling the Journey of Mel Clark: A Story of Growth and Diversity"

Updated: Apr 15

Mel Clark’s life can be summarised as a journey of growth and diversity. He grew up in Mangette, near the Tugela River mouth, where he developed a strong work ethic and a love for community. His early life on a farm and his exposure to different cultures and languages provided him with a solid foundation. During his high school years, he became involved in anti-apartheid protests, which honed his critical thinking and organizational skills.

Initially aspiring to be a doctor, Mel pursued a year of medicine before his passion for social sciences took precedence. He completed a degree in industrial sociology and studied industrial relations and law, which led him to the trade union movement and them ultermatley Government as HOD Economic development. This experience paved the way for his role as a director and founder of Black Balance Projects, a multidisciplinary consulting company in the built environment sector, which he has led from 16 years alongside his business partner, Malcolm Bigger.

Mel’s story is one of adaptability, leadership, and commitment to making a positive impact in the built environment sector. His life reflects a balance between his roots, his education, and his professional endeavors, all contributing to his success and the influence he has in his field.


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